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A guide to equity investing


Who can invest?

To invest in an equity pitch on Crowdcube you must be over 18 years old and reside in a country where you are legally entitled to invest in the types of products promoted by Crowdcube. We do not advertise investment opportunities to people where it would be seen as unlawful.

When first joining the Crowdcube community investors are required to classify themselves as one of our four investor types. This process is intended to confirm your level of judgement and understanding when it comes to investing in private companies. The process takes around 60 seconds, is completely free and there is no obligation to invest if you sign up.

Due Diligence  

As a company that is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Crowdcube is committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct across all of our activities. As part of this commitment we undertake a number of checks on any business that approaches us to raise funds via our platform. These checks include verifying that the company is legitimately registered in the UK and the duration of its operations, and reviewing the company's constitutional documents. We also complete fraud checks on the management team and company founders.

By undertaking these checks we aim to ensure that anything we make available for investors to view is fair, clear and not misleading, and that any factual claims made by businesses seeking to raise funds through our platform are independently verified. If we are not happy with the outcome of this process we will cancel the investment and it will not be launched it on the website.

What am I Getting for My Investment?

When you make an investment in an equity pitch on Crowdcube you are investing in the company’s equity. Usually this will be in the form of shares, issued as either A ordinary share of B investment shares. Each business has a different structure for the types of shares they issue, so you will need to refer to specific investment pitch pages to confirm this.  

Can Crowdcube Give me Advice on What to Invest In?

No. While we undertake due diligence to ensure the company is exactly what it says it is, we do not make judgements about whether it is a good business and cannot advise on what investors should (or shouldn’t) invest in. However, we do curate the platform and won’t allow any business that is participating in illegal or unethical activity, or which we do not believe is going to appeal to investors, to raise funds on the platform.

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