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Risk Warning

Please #investaware. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our risk warning and disclaimer before deciding to invest.

Camden, London


JustPark (formerly ParkatmyHouse.com) is taking parking into the digital era. Its app and website give drivers instant access to a network of 150,000 parking spaces across the country, taking the hassle out of parking and making it cheaper and easier than ever. With backing from BMW and Index Ventures, JustPark is on a mission to make parking stress-free, and our cities function better. Read full pitch

  • 191% funded
  • £1,918,790 invested
  • £1,000,000 target
  • 2561 Investors
  • 4.76% equity
  • 41 days left

Camden, London
  • EIS

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery is one of London’s biggest breweries. They’ve come a long way these past few years, growing their annual revenues by 10x from £900k to circa £9m in just three years. Now, Camden are building a brand new custom built brewery to help them keep up with demand and bring the taste of Camden Lager to the world. Read full pitch

  • 69% funded
  • £1,035,770 invested
  • £1,500,000 target
  • 1104 Investors
  • 2.00% equity
  • 37 days left

Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • EIS


Urban.co.uk are a pioneer of Online Estate Agency, having sold more than £90 million worth of property and saved landlords in excess of £7.5million since 2005. Backed by Hash Ladha (COO of Oasis) and Gideon Lask (CEO of Buyapowa), both leading names in E-commerce and retail, urban.co.uk offer a solution in an industry that is often perceived to be expensive, lacking in choice and transparency and is yet to fully embrace the 21st Century. Read full pitch

  • 16% funded
  • £66,970 invested
  • £400,000 target
  • 12 Investors
  • 8.00% equity
  • 42 days left

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh
  • EIS


As seen on Dragons Den and with over £600,000 in sales & half a million products shipped in just over 2 years, Flavourly's mission is to help consumers discover the best gourmet food, snacks & craft beer. Flavourly matches consumers to delicious, hard to find products via monthly subscription boxes. Once consumers discover their new favourite products, the Flavourly marketplace aims to be the most effortless and affordable place to re-order them Read full pitch

  • 37% funded
  • £112,840 invested
  • £300,000 target
  • 161 Investors
  • 16.67% equity
  • 37 days left

Harrow, Greater London
  • Partner:
  • Accelerator Programme

    Came through Crowdcube's own popular Accelerator programme.

Rough Runner

Harrow, Greater London
  • Partner:
  • Accelerator Programme

    Came through Crowdcube's own popular Accelerator programme.

Catering to the mass sports market, Rough Runner is an obstacle event for those who are looking for something more than a half marathon, but feel the pain of existing races is just not for them, serving the gap in the market where the fun and enjoyment factor of these events has been forgotten, with obstacles taking inspirations from game shows. Supported by The Metro, the first event was a success attracting 650 participants. Read full pitch

  • 120% funded
  • £157,140 invested
  • £130,000 target
  • 139 Investors
  • 15.60% equity
  • 1 day left

Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • SEIS


Firestar is an innovative energy sweet designed as a substitute for Red Bull and other energy drinks/shots. Firestar is branded to appeal across all demographics and can be used for any activity. Market tests have shown it outperforming many known confectionery brands. The market for energy drinks is $37bn, of which Firestar needs only a small share of to succeed. Read full pitch

  • 93% funded
  • £139,880 invested
  • £150,000 target
  • 105 Investors
  • 10.00% equity
  • 31 days left

Camden, London
  • EIS

Cauli Rice

Cauli Rice is a low calorie and low GI Rice Replacement. It has 80% fewer calories but with the same taste and satisfaction as ordinary white rice and is already being supported by industry experts. It is protected by a trademark, has had a successful patent search completed and is believed to be the first product of its kind. A manufacturing patent is being filed. Read full pitch

  • 170% funded
  • £340,430 invested
  • £200,000 target
  • 199 Investors
  • 5.88% equity
  • 38 days left

Tower Hamlets, London
  • EIS


TheIdleMan.com is an online retailer dedicated to young men’s fashion. Created by the founder of menswear at Asos.com, TheIdleMan aims to become the global online destination for young men who want to look good without the hassle of hitting the high street. TheIdleMan is growing rapidly, with revenues increasing 70% month on month and totalling £235,585 for the last quarter. This round is led by the private equity group Foresight Nottingham. Read full pitch

  • 63% funded
  • £474,470 invested
  • £750,000 target
  • 59 Investors
  • 23.07% equity
  • 39 days left

Islington, London
  • EIS


iNeed is the app that puts your friends’ recommendations in a directory of anything you might need, from bars to builders. With backing from Julian Ranger (investor in Hailo and DataSift) and Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy & Mather) as an advisor, iNeed aims to change the way you search on your mobile. This investment opportunity follows on from an Angel round that raised £200k in November 2014. Read full pitch

  • 25% funded
  • £62,640 invested
  • £250,000 target
  • 19 Investors
  • 15.06% equity
  • 39 days left

Worcester, Worcestershire
  • EIS


EstatesDirect.com is a new breed of "Hybrid" Estate Agency offering the fixed fee, 0% commission model of online agencies but retaining the personal 1-to-1 service of traditional agents without the overheads of High Street branches. It has already become number 1 in it's pilot territory and is now ready to roll out nationwide. The team is headed by Steve Smith (Founder of Poundland) and Darren Richards (Datingdirect.com now Match.com) Read full pitch

  • 66% funded
  • £835,950 invested
  • £1,250,000 target
  • 135 Investors
  • 5.00% equity
  • 42 days left

Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
  • EIS

Compare and Share

Compare and Share is the world's first comparison marketplace of the growing market known as the Sharing Economy. Compare and Share acts as a gateway to the Sharing Economy, helping consumers and companies access and exploit the world’s £3.5 trillion worth of spare goods without having to trawl through 7,500 individual sites. Their vision is to open up the Sharing Economy just as eBay opened up the second-hand goods market. Read full pitch

  • 99% funded
  • £99,050 invested
  • £100,000 target
  • 145 Investors
  • 4.76% equity
  • 6 days left

Days Left

Tredington, Warwickshire
  • SEIS


Aquaten has developed a number of roof panels specialising in the management and conservation of water. They have developed a solution for the ever growing global problem of urban flooding using AquaSAF This holds water in a jelly format on the roofs of buildings in urban developments until it naturally evaporates back into the atmosphere. Read full pitch

  • 4% funded
  • £4,500 invested
  • £105,000 target
  • 13 Investors
  • 16.00% equity
  • 41 days left

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • SEIS

Shave Club UK

Shave Club UK is an online membership service striving to provide high quality German engineered razors as a cost-effective alternative to the high street brands. Their products are sent directly to customer’s door monthly or every 8 weeks. They are aiming to build a UK alternative to the wildly successful Dollar Shave Club that has an estimated $60 Million turnover last year. Read full pitch

  • 70% funded
  • £46,000 invested
  • £65,000 target
  • 91 Investors
  • 18.00% equity
  • 20 days left

  • EIS


PizzaLuxe has grown from market stall origins in 2010 to a £900,000 turnover multi-site business. Striving to offer creative execution of the classics, PizzaLuxe is opening a third flagship store in Shoreditch in Spring 2015. Founded by the previous Director of Restaurants at Harrods, Paul Goodale has won both the Rising Star Acorn award and the CATEY Gong. Read full pitch

  • 45% funded
  • £226,800 invested
  • £500,000 target
  • 74 Investors
  • 30.00% equity
  • 25 days left

Islington, London
  • EIS

Property TV

Launching on Sky channel 238 this year, Property TV will be the UK's first television channel dedicated to property. The company was founded and developed by a team who have launched over 50 television channels on the BSkyB platform and have decades of experience in the property industry. Property TV will broadcast entertainment content, property education and up to date news and views in carefully selected day parts. Read full pitch

  • 144% funded
  • £288,660 invested
  • £200,000 target
  • 252 Investors
  • 16.66% equity
  • 10 days left

Waltham Forest, London
  • SEIS

Alchemiya Media

Alchemiya is a premium, online, subscription-based, video-on-demand (“SVoD”) platform (like Netflix) that aims to present the world’s best content about Muslim life: the positive side, showing the contributions of Islam and Muslim people to humanity, rather what you see in the mainstream media. Alchemiya is for the silent majority: the 99.9% of Muslims who lead peaceful, productive lives as citizens of the world. Read full pitch

  • 50% funded
  • £30,200 invested
  • £60,000 target
  • 43 Investors
  • 2.40% equity
  • 18 days left

  • EIS

The Crowd

Lead by the former CEO of the YO! Group, The Crowd’s mission is to trigger a knowledge sharing revolution in how companies approach social and environmental issues. It has spent six years building a community of 10,000 business and sustainability experts, including many of the leading minds in their field. In 2015 The Crowd will launch two new digital platforms that are designed to short cut their innovation processes and generate high margins. Read full pitch

  • 106% funded
  • £320,090 invested
  • £300,000 target
  • 166 Investors
  • 20.00% equity
  • 45 days left

Waltham Forest, London
  • EIS

Signature Brew

Signature Brew is a music inspired brewery - known internationally for their collaboration beers with the musicians themselves - looking to bring their brewing activities in-house. When the music on stage was a labour of love and art, they didn't want to enjoy it with passionless, uninspiring and insipid lagers. They are now seeking investors to help them grow their business, and establish their own production facility in East London. Read full pitch

  • 59% funded
  • £74,780 invested
  • £125,000 target
  • 144 Investors
  • 13.00% equity
  • 4 days left

Days Left

Watlington, Oxfordshire
  • EIS


TrustedCare.co.uk is an online directory, comparison and review website of care providers in the UK; think Rightmove meets TripAdvisor but for Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Home Care agencies. By working with the Department of Health and as a syndication partner of NHS Choices, Trusted Care seeks to provide an independent comparison for users and effective advertising for providers. Read full pitch

  • 1% funded
  • £1,000 invested
  • £250,000 target
  • 18 Investors
  • 20.00% equity
  • 21 days left

  • EIS

Rebus Investment Group

Rebus Group are a claims management company who seek to bring hope to ordinary Investors who were misled into buying flawed complex financial solutions- a market which is estimated to be £55 billion. They are already in contact with over 11,500 investors and are currently managing claims worth over £30 million in fees. Led by the former CEO of Ask Jeeves and supported by alumni of KPMG and PWC. Read full pitch

  • 21% funded
  • £126,440 invested
  • £600,000 target
  • 10 Investors
  • 4.96% equity
  • 29 days left

Haywards Heath, West Sussex
  • EIS


Micro-ID is a global supplier of RFID microchips for animals, particularly pets, and is seeking funding to develop new applications and technology. With 80% year on year growth, Micro-ID operates within a $100 billion market and has a team that have multiple successful exits behind them as well as a database which is growing at over 1000 pet owners a week. They expect to benefit greatly from the recent change in legislation. Read full pitch

  • 6% funded
  • £15,790 invested
  • £250,000 target
  • 71 Investors
  • 10.00% equity
  • 13 days left

  • EIS

Hole & Corner

Hole & Corner magazine has built a loyal, global following, using some of the world’s finest photographers, writers and film-makers to celebrate stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill. We now seek investment to increase our frequency and circulation, maximize advertising revenues, extend on our international reach and expand our retail offering. This will enable us to build on our promising start to create a profitable cross media brand. Read full pitch

  • 9% funded
  • £19,750 invested
  • £200,000 target
  • 41 Investors
  • 16.66% equity
  • 39 days left

Liverpool, Merseyside
  • EIS


StockTrace has worked with a New Zealand developer for four years to bring their cloud-based technology to the UK to boost efficiency and profitability in the meat supply chain. The company is striving to revolutionise the meat industry with its livestock management software, custom hardware, mobile product and data aggregation, which will benefit farmers and consumers as well as the parties in between. Read full pitch

  • 1% funded
  • £2,520 invested
  • £250,000 target
  • 17 Investors
  • 17.25% equity
  • 21 days left

Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • EIS

Secura Management

Secura Management provides a 24/7 monitoring service with voice communication for emergency help in the home. The company’s business model is predominately about generating recurring revenue streams, with the key objective of selling subscriptions and ongoing contracts for its service. The investment raised will be used to fund acquisitions, stock and advertising. Read full pitch

  • 3% funded
  • £5,700 invested
  • £150,000 target
  • 10 Investors
  • 10.00% equity
  • 26 days left

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