The story of Clim8

Clim8 is a fintech app for sustainable investing that empowers its community to make a positive impact on climate change. 

Some £1.8 trillion is held in retail investments by investors in the UK and Clim8 is passionate about mobilising this to make a real difference.

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Powered by their community of shareholders

With 20 years experience of building cleantech companies and investing in others as a venture capitalist, Duncan Grierson, the founder of Cimb8, is passionate about sustainability-focused investing and allowing its community to become shareholders.

Clim8 ran two fantastic campaigns with Crowdcube in 2020, both in lockdown. The support from the team was invaluable in making the campaigns a success and the funding has been key in helping Clim8 grow,” said Duncan Grierson, founder and CEO

Duncan continued: “we also have over three thousands of new investors and brand ambassadors who joined our community through the campaigns, generating an intensity of momentum we had not fully expected.

About their campaign

Backed by the British Business Bank, Clim8 completed two successful fundraises with Crowdcube during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

The first round in April 2020 was 380% overfunded and raised £1.5m from more than 1,350 people. Later in 2020 the fintech app went one step further when they raised £2.4m from 1,807 people to become one of our most popular cleantech businesses of all time.

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Duncan Grierson, Founder & CEO of Clim8
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Clim8's story

Clim8’s mission is to have a positive impact on climate change by moving billions of pounds of investments into clean energy and truly green, sustainable companies.

Their platform provides a simple way to invest in a targeted portfolio of publicly listed companies that are already making an impact in tackling climate change. Sectors covered by Clim8 include clean energy, clean technology, sustainable food, smart mobility and recycling.

They have raised £5 million in funding to build and launch the app, and our investors include a venture capital fund backed by the British Business Bank.