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Seed funding
made simple

We know what startup life is like, lots to do and just not enough time or resource to do it.

Funding is necessary, but a distraction from day-to-day activities.

That’s where we come in -
we've made seed funding simple.

Rachel Hugh, The Vurger

"Our experience with Crowdcube was extremely positive. Without it, I’m not sure we’d be where we are today.”

Bert Beagley-Brown, TOG Knives

"It was an exciting journey to go on and I learnt a lot. Crowdcube were very professional to work with."

Matt Dyson, Rockit

“Crowdfunding was a win-win, having over 300 brand advocates, as well as the investment, has really made a big difference for us.”

Your fundraising journey with us

Our expert team and trusted partners will work with you every step of the way to help you raise investment effectively and efficiently.

Everything you need to know

We know that as a founder of a startup your time and resources are maxed out; that’s why we provide everything you need to raise finance efficiently and effectively, so you can quickly get back to growing your business.

The criteria:
Seed raise
£150k - £249k
Based HQ
Private limited
Website or App
What's included:
Raise under the Crowdcube Nominee

All aspects of our nominee service are covered in the fees associated with your initial raise with Crowdcube.

Tax relief and Companies House filings

Our team will do your EIS or SEIS filings, as well as your SH01 filing at Companies House.

Comprehensive marketing support

Our marketing has been optimised to convert interest to investment. It’s also included in our fully inclusive fee.

Full legal completion of the round

This includes AML/KYC checks on all your investors, payment capture and processing, and issuing share certificates.

Transparent fee structure

Our fee structure is transparent and aligned to your success. There are no add-ons or hidden fees that mount up during your raise.

Access all your analytics in one place

You'll have access to your own campaign dashboard, showing you what marketing activity is working as well as hints and tips.

Free templates & tools

We'll provide you with templated Articles of Association, a share price calculator and a Crowd Mapper tool to warm up your community.

Membership to our Funded Club

You’ll become a member of our Funded Club and will have access to exclusive benefits and services to further grow your business, as well as ongoing promotional support from us.

Your Crowdfunding Success Team

You'll receive hands-on support from our trusted network of experts.

Through our Campaign Success Service, you’ll receive hands-on support in all aspects of your campaign from a trusted Crowdcube partner.

This practical support not only arms you with the expertise needed to execute a successful campaign, but it also provides you with additional resource and capacity so your team can remain focused on day-to-day business activities.

A package designed specifically for you

Our equity crowdfunding campaign packages vary depending on which Campaign Success Team you choose to work with, and the level of service required. We can help you decide on the perfect package for your business.

From seed to series A

Freetrade first raised £150k on Crowdcube in 2015 (pre-revenue). Today they have completed 6 rounds with us raising £16m from 17,000+ investors. Once you've completed your seed raise, our post-funding team will support you with exclusive offers, advice and a network of experts to help you grow your business.

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