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Private funding

We appreciate that every business’ situation is different in these challenging times; so whether you’re considering short-term funding options now, or evaluating your longer-term funding strategy in preparation for the global bounce-back, we’re here.

How we can help you at this time

We’re committed to supporting businesses with open, honest and transparent advice and flexible ways of raising funds during these challenging times. There are several existing products and some new measures we have introduced:

Private Round

This is a streamlined funding option that enables you to raise funds quicker with limited internal resources, from your existing shareholders and close network, who are already familiar with your business and long-term plans.

Community Round

This is a funding option that allows you to limit the public exposure of your round, by making it accessible to shareholders and potential investors who support and understand your business.

The benefits of these rounds:

You decide on the target and timeframe, with access to early drawdown of funds raised

Streamlined process

You can access capital in just under 3 weeks with limited resources

You’re in control

You decide who to share your raise with

How to get in touch:

At Crowdcube, we stand by your side to help you through this period.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support your business further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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