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Supercharge your community

Your community already buys from you, now it’s time to let them buy into you, and they’ll love you for it.

We’ll help you supercharge your community to drive LTV, engagement, advocacy and loyalty.

Funding that stands for something

We know you have multiple funding options at your disposal but raising with Crowdcube is much more than investment. It’s funding that stands for something - it’s a way of giving your community the chance to truly join you on your journey.

Gem misa fullgreen
Gem Misa, backed by 3,049 investors
Tomkay finisterre 2
Tom Kay, supported by 1,992 investors
Fuelling your long-term growth

Raising investment is what we do, but how we do it, means the benefits go well beyond on injection of funds.

Competitive advantage

Lifetime value



Brand ambassadors

Grind coffee
Across four raises with Crowdcube, Grind has raised £6.6m from 3,425 investors
Tailored to you

You’ll receive support that’s tailored to your business from our team of experts at every stage of your raise with us.

This will cover everything from your campaign strategy to the legal completion of your round.

Trusted by businesses

We’re the partner of choice for high-growth companies, who now consider Crowdcube as part of their long-term funding strategy.

Exclusive post-funding support and services

Once you've completed your crowdfunding raise, our post-funding team will support you with exclusive offers, advice and a network of experts to help you grow your business.

Mindful chef team
The Mindful Chef team raised a total of £1.92m from 638 investors and closed at over 190% funded

Consolidate sources of investment

Whether you’re backed by VCs, institutions or angels, we have a track record of success when it comes to consolidating multiple sources of investment to maximise the success of your raise with us.

We’re right behind you

We love your ambition, courage, determination and vision to make a difference.

We’re behind you.

We want to help you be stronger and inspire amazing people to fuel your future.

Are you with us