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Fuelling the Future of Infrastructure and Deep Tech

In partnership with Episode 1, we're looking to fuel the next generation of infrastructure and deep technology brands.

Together, we're looking for startups developing technologies that will act as the foundations upon which the next generation of businesses will be built.

Applications have now closed. Should you still wish to speak to the team about fundraising, please contact [email protected]

Driving growth in infrastructure

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the role of technology amidst the crisis took centre stage. Businesses sought solutions for better supply chains, tools for remote working and cloud-based virtual care; digital infrastructure was challenged, and the importance of enabling innovation highlighted.

Developments in API-driven technology, open-source tech and analytics software are now more important than ever; having backed the likes of CloudNC, Fidel UK, and Webiny, Crowdcube and Episode 1 recognise the potential of tech businesses and are keen to work with more companies in the space.

So, regardless of sector, if your business is building software infrastructure that's enabling change, we want to hear from you.

Why apply?

Pitch to Episode 1 Ventures

Have your pitch reviewed by their expert team and be considered for investment.

Build your community

Raise brand awareness and convert your advocates into investors through Crowdcube.

Receive professional support

Our programme partners are here to support your growth every step of the way.

Crowdfunding for B2B brands

The benefits

1. Gain marketing exposure and raise brand awareness

2. Build an engaged community and long term brand advocates

3. Attract sector experts to your company

4. Valididate your business plan and increase credibility

5. Gain key contacts and build investor relationships

About Episode 1 Ventures

Episode 1 is a £100m London-based VC firm, run by a team of entrepreneurs who have backed the likes of Zoopla, Shazam, Carwow, DataSift and Betfair. From their latest fund, they’re investing in B2B software businesses, including the likes of Ori, Webiny and CloudNC.

Here's what the team have to say on our new partnership: "We love investing in businesses that will be used in the foundations for many other businesses, or that will power many other businesses. We also love investing in stuff that’s just really complicated and takes years to develop, as long as the prize for success is enormous, like CloudNC, which builds automated factories."

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Who should apply?

We're on the hunt for fearless founders whose businesses hit the following criteria...

Looking to raise £250k-£3m

Registered in the UK

Eligible for SEIS/EIS

Digital infrastructure and deep technology