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Funding to fuel
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We know the grit and determination it’s taken to get your business to where it is today.

We’ll help you capitalise on your success to date with funding that goes beyond investment - funding that fuels your next phase of growth.

Calling all purpose-driven businesses!

Apply now for the Collective Impact programme

Collective Impact is an investment-readiness accelerator for purpose-driven founders.

Delivered in partnership with Virgin StartUp, Collective Impact provides access to training, networks, and investors to help you grow your business with the right partners.

We’re looking for passionate founders, with vision and energy, who are building standout consumer brands, or truly innovative B2B product or service providers in high growth categories that positively impact society and our planet.

Businesses applying to participate in the Collective Impact programme must be focused on scaling change and be looking to raise between £150k and £1.5m via equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube.

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Early-stage investment:

is Crowdcube a perfect fit for your business

Minimum target between

Ability to promote to friends, family, followers, customers & suppliers

Launched a prototype
product or service

Generating early-stage

Have a private limited business
registered in Europe

Looking to transform early
adopters into long-term brand advocates

We’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage businesses that have collectively raised millions.

If you’re at the stage to increase production, take your product to market, launch a marketing campaign or hire some additional pairs of hands, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course we’ll help you raise investment, that’s what we do, but it’s much more than that, it’s about taking your business to the next level by engaging and growing your community, who will help fuel and fund your long-term growth.

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Nick Coleman & Udhi Silva, Co-founders of Snaffling Pig
Emily Bluebella Founder
Emily Bendell
Founder of Bluebella

Our success stories

These campaigns for early-stage companies were hugely successful and exceeded their initial targets. They seeked to raise between £300k - £750k and all overfunded until their campaigns closed to further investment.

Building a community is easier said than done.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Traditionally, it required time, a big marketing budget and perseverance.

Now, there’s a new addition to your marketing mix that helps you build a community faster and engage them for longer.

Turn your fans into fanatics and they will love you for it.

Your fundraising journey with us

Our team of experts will help you raise investment, that’s what we do, but it’s much more than that, it’s about taking your business to the next level by engaging and growing your community, who will help fuel and fund your long-term growth.

You’ll receive expert advice on campaign planning, strategy and optimisation to maximise success and a dedicated Campaign Manager throughout your campaign.

Everything you need to know

We know that as a founder of a startup your time and resources are maxed out; that’s why we provide everything you need to raise finance efficiently and effectively, so you can quickly get back to growing your business.

Raise under the Crowdcube Nominee

All aspects of our nominee service are covered in the fees associated with your initial raise with Crowdcube.

Tax relief and Companies House filings

Our team will do your EIS and/or SEIS filings, as well as your SH01 filing at Companies House.

Comprehensive marketing support

Our marketing has been optimised to covert interest to investment. It’s also included in our fully inclusive fee.

Full legal completion of the round

This includes AML/KYC checks on all your investors, payment capture and processing, and issuing share certificates.

Access all your analytics in one place

You'll have access to your own campaign dashboard, showing you what marketing activity is working as well as hints and tips.

Free templates & tools

We'll provide you with templated Articles of Association, a share price calculator and a Crowd Mapper tool to warm up your community.

Transparent fee structure

A success fee of 7% (excl. VAT) is only charged on the amount you successfully raise and only applies if you reach 100% of your funding target or more. A completion fee of 0.75% -1.25% of all funds raised, is also applied for third-party payment provider costs.

Membership to our Funded Club

You’ll become a member of our Funded Club and will have access to exclusive benefits and services to further grow your business, as well as ongoing promotional support from us.

From seed to series A

Freetrade first raised seed capital on Crowdcube in 2015 (pre-revenue). Today they have completed 6 funding rounds with us raising £16m from 17,000+ investors. Once you've completed your crowdfunding raise, our post-funding team will support you with exclusive offers, advice and a network of experts to help you grow your business.

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