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Raise impactful investment with the crowd

Collective Impact is a new investment-readiness accelerator for purpose-driven founders, delivered in partnership with Virgin StartUp.

Collective Impact provides access to training, networks, and investors to help you grow your business with the right partners. You will also have 1-2-1 sessions with experts and have the opportunity to pitch to real investors. 

We're now taking interest for the May 2023 programme!

Putting purpose first

Collective Impact has been designed to accelerate growth and impact for businesses that want to create positive change in the world.

We’re looking for passionate founders, with vision and energy, who are building standout consumer brands, or truly innovative B2B product or service providers in high growth categories that positively impact society and our planet.

Our aim is to support the development of the most innovative products and services entering the market today, with positive social impact at their core.

Businesses applying to participate in the Collective Impact programme must be focused on scaling change and be looking to raise between £150k and £1.5m via equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube.

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Track record of success

Our Funded Community

Who can apply?

UK company

Raising for holding company


Operating in sectors actioning change

Raise band

£150k - £1.5m

Tax relief

Eligible for EIS

Early traction

e.g. customer base, revenue generating


Pre-money valuation of up to £10m

Benefits of the programme

Collective Impact is designed to get purpose-driven founders and their businesses ready to raise investment and scale their positive impact. By joining the programme, you get:

Expert insight

Virgin StartUp and Crowdcube bring together industry leaders in funding, investment, business and law to deliver in-depth, interactive sessions.

Ready for the crowd

Learn how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, from designing your pitch deck, getting your financials in order, to leveraging your networks.


You’ll join a small cohort of founders on the same journey as you who provide peer support and networking opportunities.

Founder inspiration

Unrivalled access to founders who’ve recently raised successful investment rounds through crowdfunding and VCs.

Impact strategy

Delivered by purpose-led founders and mentors, ensuring your impact grows as your business does.

Master your marketing

Find out how to maximise your coverage for crowdfunding campaigns, and ensure your brand is ready to scale.

The fundraising journey

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Collective Impact: The investors

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Crowdcube has partnered with an experienced network of purpose-led investors, including Holly Branson who brings expertise and capital to potentially co-invest in opportunities alongside the crowd.

Among the potential investors are leaders and founders who’ve founded, built, and managed businesses that range from kitchen-table startups to leading global brands. Their aim is to build supportive, and aligned partnerships with founders, using their knowledge and networks to help them achieve their goals.

The Collective Impact investors are looking to support those purpose-driven founders who are on a mission to build impactful businesses with a focus on solving some of our society’s greatest challenges.

The investors have backed the likes of Oxwash, Beryl, Denzel’s, Carv, Airly, Pharmacy2u, Fundamental VR and Map of Ag.

About Virgin StartUp

Virgin StartUp is helping the next generation of founders build sustainable, thriving businesses. They offer business advice, access to early-stage funding and mentoring through the Start Up Loans scheme, along with post-funding support, business growth programmes, masterclasses and regular events with their vibrant community of thousands of founders.

Founded by Sir Richard Branson in 2013 and supported by the Virgin Group, Virgin StartUp has worked with tens of thousands of founders to help them launch and grow companies, from startup to scale.

Virgin team

Your fundraising journey with Crowdcube

Crowdcube's team of experts will help you raise investment, that’s what we do, but it’s much more than that, it’s about taking your business to the next level by engaging and growing your community, who will help fuel and fund your long-term growth.

You’ll receive expert advice on campaign planning, strategy and optimisation to maximise success and a dedicated Campaign Manager throughout your campaign.


The programme will start in May 2023 and will be delivered digitally and include online workshops and 1-2-1 video meetings, such as:

  • Workshops

  • Lunch & Learn sessions for 1 hour

  • 1-2-1 Expert Meetings - At scheduled times of your convenience during the week

  • Live showcase demo-day event takes place on week 6

Applicants need to be aware that raising funds is a time-consuming process and must be willing to put in the time and work required.

Candidates need to be available to attend the session held one day a week and be prepared to work in their own time on the deliverables they will be set each week.

To apply to join the programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your business should be looking to raise a minimum of £150,000
  • It must be EIS eligible
  • Your campaign will need to be accepted by Crowdcube
  • You need to have proven early traction e.g. existing customer base, revenue-generating
  • You must be ready to commence a fundraising campaign within 12 months of the programme’s start date
  • You must be willing to commit to finding at least 30% of your total raise through your own networks
  • You must be eligible to qualify for EIS pre-approval
  • You must provide financial forecasts and company valuation upon request – prepared by/or reviewed by a chartered accountant

If you require support from one of our partners on the above services, we have negotiated discounted rates. Please note that these are separate to and over and above the programme fees below and neither Crowdcube nor Virgin StartUp makes money from these additional services.

Yes, the programme is in partnership with Crowdcube to provide candidates with special rates, mentoring and other exclusive support.

Applicants need to be committed to raising a minimum of £150,000 in a fundraising campaign that must begin within 12 months of the programme’s start date.

Subject to meeting the qualifying criteria and accepting your place on the programme, £3,000 (excluding VAT) must be sent to Virgin StartUp before the start of the programme.

A reduced fee of £2,000 (excluding VAT) is payable by earlier-stage companies that have their total SEIS allocation remaining.

Crowdcube will charge 6% on all funds raised through the platform, a reduction on the standard fee of 7%.

Additional to this fee, there will be the Stripe charge (average 0.5% - 1%) for funds raised via the platform and a completion fee charge of 0.25% on all funds

All fees set out in Crowdcube’s “Company Terms” available at https://www.crowdcube.com/expl... will also be payable.

No, Crowdcube is a regulated platform and must conduct due diligence checks on every pitch before you go live. While the Collective Impact Programme is one of the best ways to make sure that you are ready to raise on Crowdcube and while we expect that all companies that go through the programme will benefit from the programme and be ready to list, Crowdcube has to reserve the final decision on due diligence.

We will get in touch with everyone who registers interest about when the 2023 applications open.