1. Freetrade secondary shares

Freetrade Share Sale

Congratulations. You backed a winner with Freetrade!

We’ve been alongside Adam and his team since the beginning helping them raise £17m from their community and ours. It’s fair to say that Freetrade wouldn’t be where it is today without you, its shareholders and we couldn’t be happier for you.

We’ve sent you an email detailing how to accept the offer and how to receive your payment.

The Freetrade story, so far…

Freetrade raised its first seed round with Crowdcube in 2016 when 143 people invested in Adam and his fledgeling team’s mission to get everyone investing. That vision has now inspired more than 18,000 people to invest in Freetrade across multiple funding rounds in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 with Crowdcube.

Freetrade is regulated by the FCA, a member of the London Stock Exchange and their app won Best Online Trading Platform at the British Bank Awards 2019 and 2020.

"Freetrade is literally owned by its customers. We were crowdfunded into existence."

Adam Dodds, CEO and co-founder of Freetrade

Adam dodds

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As a shareholder, you have the opportunity to sell your shares in Freetrade as part of the secondary offering.

The buyer has agreed to offer the price of £3.7711, which is the same price as the recently announced investment round - i.e. no discount.

Freetrade has conducted a number of rounds on Crowdcube, and the below breaks down the share price for each round:



Share Price

Round 1



Round 2



Round 3



Round 4



Round 5



Round 6



It depends on which round you invested in and the share price that is offered for these secondary share sales: using the share price for the Series B investment round of £3.7711, the return on investment in Round 1 in 2016 is approximately 47x your original investment, whereas an investment in 2020’s Rounds 6 and 7 is a 1.5x. However, it is also important to factor in whether you claimed EIS on your investment as this will be lost if you sell the shares within 3 years - see 'What happens to EIS relief?' question below.

If you sell shares on which you have claimed EIS relief within 3 years of their issue date, you will lose that EIS relief and will have to repay the tax to HMRC. Accordingly, if you decide to sell shares that you bought in Rounds 3 to 7 you will lose that EIS relief and may be liable to repay tax to HMRC.

We’ve sent you an email detailing how to accept the offer and how to receive your payment. If you have any questions about anything included in the email, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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