Understanding your Pitch Dashboard

  • Thursday 21st June 2018
  • by Crowdcube

Play the video above to find out more about our new pitch dashboard which displays key information to help your crowdfunding pitch succeed.

This video explains what your dashboard includes, where to find it as well as how you can use the insights presented to boost your campaign - plus free marketing tools.

The main points covered in this video are:

  • Your Performance - an overview of the data behind your crowdfunding pitch  and understanding what it means.
  • The Forum - where to find your forum discussions and pitch updates to keep your investors and followers engaged.
  • Your Investors - where you can access a list of people who have pledged to invest in your campaign and how to contact them.
  • Marketing tools - tools provided by Crowdcube to make promoting your campaign even easier.
  • Business Plan Requests - where to find requests from investors to access your business plan and how to respond.

To take a look at the metrics behind your pitch, go to My Pitch in your Crowdcube account.