Funded Club case study: Mindful Chef

  • Wednesday 5th June 2019
  • by Crowdcube

Mindful Chef’s mission is to help people eat healthily, with the belief that the easiest way to maintain a healthy diet is to have all the ingredients, together with a recipe card, delivered straight to the customers’ doors.

In 2017 the team set out to raise £1m to power the next stage of their development and help expand their customer base. Backed by the likes of Victoria Pendleton CBE and Will Greenwood MBE, Mindful Chef reached their target within 24 hours. They went on to raise a total of £1.92m from 638 investors and closed at over 190% funded. Here’s Co-Founder Giles Humphries on why they chose to raise with us:

Since their campaign the team has expanded, as Giles explains: "Crowdfunding has allowed us to build a team. We were a very, very small team at the time when we crowdfunded. It has enabled us to bring in expertise in areas that you can only get so far in by doing yourself. It has enabled us to build a team of experts in-house." Hear Giles discuss the impact the raise had on the business in more detail here

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