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Netsells: building wonderful ideas

By Crowdcube. 4th Oct 2019

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We collaborate with a number of fantastic partners who help support entrepreneurs, many of whom have gone on to raise with us. One of these partners is Netsells, who build platforms and products for web and mobile. We sat down with Netsells’ Marketing Director Bethan Vincent, to talk about how they help entrepreneurs make their vision a reality.

What support does Netsells provide for entrepreneurs?

Bethan: “Netsells is a product development and software agency based in York. Essentially we work with a number of startups, helping them bring their ideas to market from both technical and business performance angles. This includes the technical build of the front end, back end and API integrations etc. Alongside this, we help them refine their idea, ensure that the product will be positioned in the best possible way, and that they have a clear path to revenue.

We know that there are a lot of businesses out there brimming with great ideas that don’t necessarily have the technical expertise to deliver those to market. We sit almost in-between to help support people bring these ideas to life.”

What’s the process like once an entrepreneur approaches you for help?

Bethan: “Whenever we work with a startup we take them through a discovery process which essentially maps out the problem space they’re in and what the solution is going to look like. This is both from a customer journey angle, alongside looking at the tech stack and how that’s going to support a really great user experience. We do this to make sure the product is going to be best in class.”

Tell us about one of the businesses you’ve worked with recently

Bethan: “One of our startups (HealthPOD) has recently raised with Crowdcube and massively overfunded. We helped them build their app natively on both iOS and Android, with a focus on developing an excellent user interface. It was all about helping them show investors that at the end of this journey there will be a really great, viable product. Our involvement de-risks the investment a lot, as we have a lot of experience in and knowledge of the market, alongside our technical expertise.

The great thing about HealthPOD is they have a really good vision of how the product is going to evolve beyond that initial iteration. They could say to investors that they’re going for this market share, but beyond that they have plans for expansion.”

What are the benefits of collaborating with us and becoming a Crowdcube partner?

Bethan: “I think Crowdcube has such a great insight into what’s happening in the startup market. The team are seeing the most exciting people come through, which ideas gain traction, and which ideas are maybe harder to raise for. That way Crowdcube can really help entrepreneurs tailor their pitch and how they’re going to present the service, so that’s really valuable. Through partnering with us too, those entrepreneurs get the backing of another experienced team, which is vital when you’re at that stage. That advice really can be the difference between making it or breaking it.”

What’s next for Netsells?

Bethan: “We’re expanding our programme of working with startups, so that’s really exciting. We’re keen to meet even more entrepreneurs who have an amazing idea, but who aren’t sure how to execute it technically, or perhaps are looking to work with someone who’s been there and done it before. We’re always happy to chat to people, even if that’s just to give advice that might be useful for the future.”

What’s your favourite thing about working with startups?

Bethan: “I love the people. You get to meet some of the brightest people you’ve ever met, and they’re so passionate. It really rubs off on you.”

Learn more and get in touch with the Netsells team, here.

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