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Moneybox becomes one of the most popular raises in Crowdcube’s history

By Crowdcube. 30th Jul 2020


Smashing its original investment target of £1m in just 20 minutes, Moneybox raised over £4m in the first four hours of its campaign with Crowdcube. Over 16,000 people invested £7m in under two days as the innovative app, that lets everyone save and invest, became Crowdcube’s most popular raise of 2020 and the second most popular of all time.

Top 5 Most Popular Campaigns on Crowdcube:

  1. Monzo Bank: 35,911 investors (2018)
  2. Moneybox: 16,739 investors (2020)
  3. Curve: 9,402 investors (2019)
  4. Freetrade: 8,309 investors (2020)
  5. carwow: 7,967 investors (2019)

Bringing their community closer was a core part of Moneybox’s fundraising strategy. They wanted as many people as possible to become investors and join them on their exciting growth journey to become one of the largest saving and investing platforms in the UK.

Ben Stanway & Charlie Mortimer, Co-founders of Moneybox
Ben Stanway & Charlie Mortimer, Co-founders of Moneybox

Ben Stanway, co-founder of Moneybox said: “We're thrilled to have completed our first-ever crowd raise, giving our amazing community the chance to be a part of our journey and help us become one of the largest saving and investing platforms in the UK. Securing this funding enables us to continue to build the products, tools and technology to help people achieve their goals easily - whether it’s buying a house, saving for retirement or just a rainy day. We’re blown away by the positive response to the campaign, and are very excited to have our over 16,000 new shareholders on board as we continue to execute our mission of helping everyone save and invest for the future. Giving our community the chance to own part of the company has always been in our plan, so we are excited the day has finally arrived.”

Moneybox will use the funds to supercharge its growth by continuing to build the tools, technology and products to further execute its mission to help everyone save and invest for their future. The raise with Crowdcube follows the recent announcement of the company reaching £1bn in assets, and securing £30 million from professional investors in a Series C funding round.

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