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Propio: making property investing less challenging

By Crowdcube. 8th Apr 2019

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What do 90% of the world’s millionaires have in common? They all invest in property. So, it makes sense that normal people like you and me would want to get in on the action. But the reality is, property investing is really hard.

Property investing is hard

First of all, you need a lot of money to be able to purchase a property. With four in ten adults in the UK unable to afford a home of their own, purchasing a second property or building a portfolio is out of most people’s reach. Then there are estate agents, lawyers, and accountants to deal with, which all come with their own headaches. If you do manage to finally purchase an investment property, you might still have to deal with renovations, difficult tenants and broken boilers.

A few alternatives have appeared in the market that offer P2P investments. However, you need a lot of time and expertise to wade through the jargon and complexity on these sites.

Regardless of your approach, unless you’ve got the money to pay someone to do all this for you, the majority of people are simply shut out of the market.

A new way to invest in property

Propio is on a mission to change all this. Our property-backed innovative finance ISA (IFISA) is designed to marry the benefits of investing in bricks and mortar with the familiarity and trust of an ISA. Propio aims to make investing in property simple, efficient and much less scary.

Investors just sign up, choose an ISA based on their risk appetite and invest from £100. Once they invest, we lend their money to property professionals throughout the UK to help them finance property projects. Investors can then track the progress of their investment in their dashboard and after 12-months when their investment is complete, we pay them back with interest. They can then choose whether to withdraw this money or reinvest it. What’s more, they can do it all on their phones, on the bus, and even at the beach!

Propio was built by a team of property professionals with more than £500m of property experience under their belts. We’ve also built similar e-commerce businesses before like Payhip.com which has over 200,000 users.

Why now is the right time for the property ISA?

HMRC state that the ISA market is worth in excess of £600 billion and last year new subscriptions totaled £69 billion. Despite this huge uptake, awareness of the IFISA is still incredibly low. In fact, only 23% of people in the UK have even heard of it, and even less (4%) have invested in one.

IFISA’s, by their nature, provide lower volatility than stocks and shares ISAs and better returns than cash ISA’s. Once more people become aware of these benefits, it’s likely that the UK will see a huge uptake in IFISA subscriptions.

What have we achieved so far?

Since Propio launched back in 2017, we’ve built a community of over 1000 investors who have invested over £9 million with us. What’s more, we know the product works as we’ve already returned more than £4 million in capital and profit. We also pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and are listed in the top 10 investment companies on Trustpilot.

We’re now raising £300,000 of EIS eligible investment on Crowdcube to help support our marketing efforts and continue to improve our product. We have reached over 100% of our target from more than 380 investors and are still open for investment. Check out our campaign and just let us know if you’ve got any questions about our pitch.

Find out more about Propio and invest by visiting their pitch page.

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