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Passion led us here

By Crowdcube. 13th Jun 2019


Note Taking Express has grown into the company it is today out of a belief shared by the team that more help should be offered to students who find it harder to learn, compared to their peers.

Our journey started more than six years ago with two people's vision to help others by using technology to innovate teaching and learning. Jeremy Brassington and Daniel Goerz’s personal experiences led them to believe that more could be done to help those who had a learning difficulty. They were both were working on solutions to support students independently of each other, but when they met at an industry event in 2017, they discovered that they shared the same passion and hunger to create a platform that helped students break down barriers to learning.

It took just another 18 months for them to combine resources and create a revolutionary new platform, NTEhub. The solution was rolled out to US universities last year and has just been opened up to students in the UK.

So, what do we want to achieve?

Our goal is to make learning easier, by helping students to separate listening and comprehension from the writing and organisational processes. We have a unique perspective on the learning process, as more than half of our management team found learning in the classroom a challenge and had to find their own coping strategies independently. Graham built a basic computer program to help him with spelling and memorising words. Jeremy was great at maths and chemistry, but he found physics a nightmare, so he memorised bite-sized chunks of information that he could then use to problem solve. Daniel is dyslexic and had disability support at university. He kept the Apple Mac provided for him, but never used the accompanying software because it was too complex.

As a team, we look at the learning process in a completely different way and have come up with a revolutionary solution that our customers tells us is really good:

“The ease of using your service was appreciated. I highly recommend your service for other students, like myself, who struggle to keep up with note-taking while there are several people cross talking. I have a brain injury that affects my ability to focus on one speaker's words, once someone else starts speaking. I lose entire phrases, while I’m taking notes, once someone else asks a question or interrupts a lecture. Your service has enabled me to get the notes of only what the lecturer is saying. It helps me to not be so overwhelmed. Thank you.” - Student at Tarrant County College, Fort Worth

They find the process so good in fact that George Brown College (GBC) in Canada, which has 115,000 students, has appointed us as their technology partner to implement a college-wide solution. GBC and NTE have submitted a $8m Government grant application to develop an inclusive digital learning program. It will provide GBC with a solution for all their students, and serve as a model for other colleges and universities that are already knocking on our door. The grant will generate $6m in the short term to complete the development. This model will then be rolled out to other institutions in Canada, the US and UK.

Note taking express

How are we developing our business?

We are rapidly selling into the higher education disability market in North America. Our US revenue stream is up 125% year on year for the period to the end of May. Our target is to double the number of institutions we have signed up in North America by September 2019. This model provides us with steady repeatable revenues, which will enable us to become profitable during 2020.

We launched NTEhub to the UK disability market in June 2019. We aim to double our market share by July 2020. Statistics from suppliers are already showing sales, and based on the feedback we have received we have hit the sweet spot for product design and functionality. As a team we are now focussed on driving sales.

Meanwhile, the institution-wide model is taking root. An Open University inclusion forum, running later this month, will provide us with the opportunity to discuss our campus-wide inclusive teaching and learning solution with institutions from Canada, the US and the UK.

How will we make money for our investors?

We will deliver a solution, with or without grant funding, in collaboration with George Brown College, and leverage this partnership to grow our business within the higher education market. We have also identified 40 top institutions that we can introduce this solution to.

Once we are on this journey, there are additional advanced technologies we will integrate into the platform, which we believe will make us an attractive target for lecture capture companies, such as Canvas and Blackboard, cloud platform suppliers, such as Amazon and Google, and out of industry players who wish to access the educational market.

Come and meet us!

Join us in London on 17th June, 6pm-8pm, for an investor meet and greet event hosted by Crowdcube. You can find out more information about this event here.

Also, come along to Amazon’s Edstart event on 21st June to listen to our six minute pitch to potential investors, customers and fellow technology companies. You can find out more and register here.

If you can’t make the date, please contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting or send us your questions.

Find out more about Note Taking Express and invest on their pitch page.

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