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Nebeus: Becoming a global force in the future of smart money

By Konstantin Zaripov, CEO at Nebeus. 17th Oct 2018


We sat down to speak with Konstantin Zaripov, CEO of the challenger FinTech platform Nebeus. Poised to transform the way people interact with money, Konstantin offers an insight into Nebeus and their £1,100,000 equity crowdfunding campaign.

We started Nebeus with two clear ambitions; the first was to bank the unbanked, of which there are 1.7 billion people in the world that stretch across every continent. This represented a dormant £380 billion market opportunity (World Bank) that traditional banking services were unable to reach. The second ambition was to create a borderless, inclusive, smart financial future that made sense for individuals and businesses who had become disillusioned by traditional banking services.

Right now, we exist in a fragmented environment restricted by borders, limitations, geopolitical trends and over-regulation. The financial services industry failed in their duty to embrace technology and use it for the benefit of all people. While the developed world has enjoyed a revolution of convenience in banking, this has not been the case for the developing countries, who have been left behind by advancements.

This struck us as crazy when we considered the positive change technology has brought to other areas of human life. Nearly 5 billion people communicate with friends, family and work colleagues at the other end of the planet every day through their mobile phones. And all for a minimal cost. So why have financial services failed to revolutionise the lives of billions in the same way? Technology has been developed to make people’s lives better, and the financial industry should be no exception to that.

We have therefore based our model on blockchain technology. Its borderless qualities have the power to connect billions of new people to the global financial ecosystem for the first time, and gave us the platform we needed.

We knew that a FinTech platform built from the ground-up could make a real impact in our mission to bank the unbanked. We also knew the cost to consumers in the $600 billion remittance market was so great that an opportunity existed for an alternative, provided we could offer something better - enabling prosperity without penalty. The 7% average charge to remit money dwarfed the 3% sustainable development target set by the World Bank, and gave us the market conditions to thrive.

But the technology needed to be fit for purpose. We needed a proprietary platform with a robust model and diverse functionality that could facilitate important changes in people’s lives. And we needed real-world applicability to develop a payment card that gave holders the ability to seamlessly convert to the currency of their choosing at any given time. No more borders and no more charges.

Since we started trading in Autumn 2017, we have been on a steady organic-growth-incline and now have operations in 45 countries. With 30,000 active wallets already, we are some way to creating our own smart money community.

Looking forward, our mission is to bring Nebeus to a truly global audience and become a fully regulated platform, obtaining a UK e-money license from the FCA. This equity crowdfunding round will enable us to achieve these two milestones and give us a growth budget to accelerate expansion. Many of these plans are ongoing, however. We very recently announced a further 30+ countries that will shortly be added to our potential reach - an amazing 50% increase. And we are also ready to submit our application to the FCA.

The next 12 months offer a hugely exciting opportunity for us. As recent finalists, alongside Revolut, in the Personal Lending Innovation Awards, we know this is the moment to capitalise on our potential and become a leading force in the future of smart money.

The pitch is live right now and already 75% towards its target, but there is plenty more equity still available!

Find out more about Nebeus and invest by visiting their pitch page.

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