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Mindful Chef acquired by Nestle

By Crowdcube. 6th Nov 2020

Mindful Chef Cover

A tasty return for 638 investors this year as we celebrate another Funded Community exit - the 5th in just 12 months! After fuelling up with us in 2017, Mindful Chef has been acquired by Nestle.

Mindful Chef raised just shy of £2m and in just three years, the business has grown to a team of 16, become B Corp Certified, and sold over 5 million meals to more than 100,000 customers, giving Crowdcube investors a healthy 350% return on their investment!

Luke Lang, our co-founder and CMO, said: “This is wonderful news for investors who’ve helped Mindful Chef to grow and succeed on its mission to make healthy eating easier for its customers. Against the backdrop of Covid and the reengineering of the high street, Mindful Chef embodies our new way of life and their raise with Crowdcube has enabled investors to vote with their feet, back a leading UK innovative company.

The sale will be finalised in the coming weeks with investors still eligible for EIS tax relief.

A huge congratulations to Giles, Myles and Robert, three school friends from Devon who founded the business, as well as the rest of the Mindful Chef team and community of investors.

The founders of Mindful Chef, said: “We owe a great deal to you, our early investors, who have backed our vision to make healthy eating easy for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, and it is with great pleasure that we can now reward you for your support.”

If you missed out, why not look for your next investment today, and see the latest businesses live on Crowdcube here.

Mindful Chef, we salute you.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.