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How a scientist used her skills to create the perfect curry

Shelly Nuruzzaman grew up in the vibrant Bangladeshi community around London’s Brick Lane in the 1970s and early 1980s, surrounded by the smells and flavours of the Indian subcontinent.

Although Shelly got a PhD in physics from Imperial College before going on to work in the City as a quant analyst, memories of those evocative childhood tastes and aromas – especially her own mother’s food – were never far away. It was after having her own children that mother-of-two Shelly, alongside her husband Mark, decided to put her scientific know-how into creating the perfect curry.

“As a child, I’d watch my mother throwing spices together to make the most ingenious of flavours,” she says. “In hindsight, I realise that as I watched her I was witnessing something brilliant taking place. Herbs and spices were being blended to perfection with just the right amount of every ingredient, to create the heart of a curry”.

“In my opinion, my mother is the greatest cook in the world. When we started BANG! Curry, I wanted to replicate the way she transformed basic ingredients into something sensational in order to bring that into the homes of British people looking for that authentic curry taste.”

For two years Shelly carried out hundreds of curry ‘experiments’ in the family’s London kitchen, often late into the night and juggling the assorted needs of family life, until finally she cracked it. “By pre-mixing the right herbs and spices and changing the way they were cooked, I managed to perfectly capture the essence of each traditional Bangladeshi curry. Each time we came up with another recipe it was like a mini-celebration that the whole family took part in, even our two young boys!”

This simple and easy-to-follow three-step process, which Shelly calls ‘scratch cooking’, became the heart of what is now BANG! Curry: authentic curry kits that are 100 per cent natural, as well as being dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, and designed to revolutionise the way you cook curry at home.

“The UK ethnic food market is worth a massive £1,77b per year and curry is a fundamental part of British cuisine,” says Shelly. “However, when it comes to cooking curry at home, people are increasingly looking for something to replace bland and unhealthy ‘convenience’ sauces and move their curry experience onto the next level. That’s where BANG! Curry come in. We feel we are very much part of the ‘clean curry’ revolution, making it delicious, authentic and healthy but also easy and fun to make.”

The company recently expanded its range of recipes, invested in a new website and updated their fulfilment centre. With funds raised through Crowdcube, Bang! Curry will expand further into UK supermarkets and into the direct-to-consumer food market, with letterbox-sized parcels conveniently delivered to customers’ doors.

Shelly adds “Word is getting out about our authentic flavours and the ease with which you can use a Bang! Curry. It’s a great position to be in and we’re thrilled to be taking the company to the next level.”

Bang Curry can be found online and in UK Wholefoods Market and Morrisons stores.

You can find out more and invest in Bang! Curry by visiting their pitch page.

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