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Finding a fair blueprint for economic development

By David Solomon, CEO and Co-Founder at Blueprints. 12th Feb 2019


Economic development has a history of exploiting poorer regions’ natural resources while shutting local people out from their fair share of the rewards. Resources are stripped in an unsustainable manner leaving local people more impoverished than before.

What’s the idea behind Blueprints?

Blueprints was founded to create a better way of developing a country’s resources sustainably by sharing the profits with local people and restoring dignity and self-determination to developing nations.

At the time, I was working in investment banking, seeing the obscene profits made by development companies at the expense of poorer nations. I then met Tamara, an indigenous woman from Tunisia, who had witnessed first-hand the trail of half-finished projects and exploited natural resources. Together, we decided there must be a better way of managing development.

How does it work?

Blueprints identifies undervalued or underperforming assets, such as forestry in Costa Rica; finds a blueprint for improving the value of that asset, such as processing it into wood flooring in-country; connects with proven sustainable businesses willing to reinvest 50% of the profits, and finds capital to fund the project. It’s our A-B-C approach:Asset, Blueprint, Capital.

Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Definitely!

We floated the idea around our global network and found it had a lot of traction. Word reached a number of high-profile influencers, such as Lord Hastings and Dr Sirolli, who endorsed our approach and helped gain KPMG validation of our model. Lord Hastings and Dr Sirolli now join seven other high-profile influencers on our advisory board.

Why are you crowdfunding?

Our current working project in Costa Rica has successfully shown how we shift a project from no plan - $4,000 a container, no replanting and no fair share. To a good blueprint; $46,200 a container, 10:1 replanting and a fair share – 50:50. We are now seeking investment to do this with bigger and better assets.

Blueprints now has projects on-the-go in Costa Rica, a full pipeline of projects in Colombia, Peru and Cuba, and has the potential to develop our model in every developing nation across the world.

We’re crowdfunding now as the model has been proven to work and we have a good pipeline of projects – we just need the funding to scale them.

How does Blueprints make money?

Countries ask for our assistance in developing their resources which includes a 5.0% management fee and 5.0% for Blueprints.

The Multiplier - Blueprints manages 50% of all the income from these multi-million $-assets.

By investing this 50% into new assets and products, this creates more 5% fees for Blueprints.

By managing 50% of the income, we generate a huge multiplier for Blueprints’ revenue.

While we only receive 5%, the scale of the assets we are managing is so large that there is a huge opportunity in this multi-billion market.

What are the benefits?

We believe Blueprints offers a win-win-win. Developing countries get a fair share in the profits from their resources, companies gain access to previously untapped resources, and we help manage everything with a clear blueprint for success for a 5% fee that rapidly multiplies with reinvestment. And because we select only sustainable companies, we’re protecting the planet for future generations as well.

We think Blueprints represents the ideal choice for ethical investors:not only is the growth potential massive, but it will also help change the world for the better.

Find out more about Blueprints and invest by visiting their pitch page.

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