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Funded Club Awards Winners 2018

By Crowdcube. 7th Mar 2019


2018 was a monumental year for Crowdcube, with £147m invested through the platform, helping more than 190 businesses raise the finance they need to grow. We feel privileged to work with these innovative businesses and be part of their exciting journeys.

Last night we celebrated our 8th birthday with our shareholders and nominees for this years' Funded Club awards. We reflected on the achievements both Crowdcube, and the Funded Club have had over the past year and we're proud to announce the winners of the Crowdcube Annual Awards, as voted for by our community of investors. These awards celebrate the best of entrepreneurship, showcasing a range of fantastic companies that hail from a wide range of industries including fintech, cleantech and food & beverage.

Here are the winners:

Crowdcube Campaign of the Year - Chip


Savings app Chip, which more than tripled its original funding target, raising £3,807,590 from 6,535 investors in November last year, is on a mission to build the best savings account in the world. With rapid growth to 75,000 accounts, £58m of savings processed and £36m of deposits, they continue to target the €10trn European savings market. Here are just a few comments from the voters:

“They are relevant with millennials and older generations, bridging the gap and making saving effortless and almost unnoticeable.”

"Makes saving cooler, sexier and more exciting. Excellent customer service and sharing of their vision with us.”

“The solution is innovative, and given the competitive nature of Fintech crowdfunding the sheer fact they were able to stand out speaks volumes to the quality of their solution and campaign.”

Entrepreneur of the Year - Sam O'Connor, Coconut


Sam O'Connor, co-founder and CEO of Coconut, qualified as a Chartered Accountant at PwC before moving to Virgin Media. He co-founded ProConfirm in 2012, a Fintech connecting banks with accounting firms that was acquired by Confirmation.com in 2014, where he led the UK office for 2 years, building a network of 50 banks and forming a landmark partnership with the British Bankers' Association. He and Coconut's co-founder Adam found it painful to manage their business finances when they were freelancers, and so set up Coconut, which combines a current account with accounting tool. Here are just a few comments from the voters:

“Sam has a clear vision for the product and is able to creatively and successfully connect and tell the story to customers, investors and the team. His crowdfunding success in 2018 was exceptional and was a fantastic proof point for the product, team and Sam's ability to connect and tell the story.”

“Sam is fantastic! Can't wait to see what he and the Coconut team produce over the coming years.”

“He's a swell dude!”

Crowdcube Campaign Video of the Year - Chip

Chip X

Chip, which takes away its second award this year, raised funds last year to onboard their waitlist and roll out all new features including instant saves, transaction roundups, FSCS protection, base interest of 1.5%, smart goals, squad goals, save matches and the best returns possible with ChipX. Here are just a few comments from the voters:

“The videos they did were amazing. I loved the personal touch of everyone who worked there being involved. It made you feel part of it.”

“The grandma at the beginning instantly hooked me.”

“What's not to like about the video? It's engaging, smart and informative!”

Product of the Year - Recycling Technologies


Recycling Technologies envisages a world where all plastic waste is recycled. They have developed a machine, the RT7000, to recycle plastics in a more commercially attractive way. RT7000 turns plastic waste into a product they call Plaxx®, for use in processes for making new plastic and wax products. Here are just a few comments from the voters:

"Plastic waste is a major issue at the moment and it's great to see a company doing something to tackle the problem at its source!”

"It has created a machine which can and will, reduce the mega amounts of wasted, unrecyclable plastic products which blight our life with waste material no consumer should be forced to deal with.”

“Amazing idea and an absolutely integral product in a more circular economy and greener world. A realistic yet innovative proposition which might just change the world.”

Funded Business of the Year - Monzo


Fintech giant Monzo raised an incredible £20m from 36,006 people in its landmark funding round in December last year. Powered by Crowdcube, this became the largest-ever crowdfunding round for a fintech company. This is the second year in a row that Monzo have taken home the award for Funded Business of the Year! Here are just a few comments from the voters:

"The brand marketing they've done on their core millennial audience is to be commended. They are the poster pin-ups of the fintech and banking industry. And their growth model is well founded and keeps delivering."

"The experience of investing in the Monzo app was incredibly well done. Going to the effort of building this to offer loyal users the opportunity to invest at this stage shows a rare commitment to their community."

“Breaking down the monopoly of big banks and putting power into the hands of users”

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's awards.

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