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​WeWork startups to get boost with Crowdcube partnership

By Partners. 30th Jun 2017


The collaboration between WeWork and Crowdcube gives startups and entrepreneurs within WeWork’s high-growth European family of spaces access to Crowdcube’s resources and expertise in start-ups. Crowdcube is inspired by WeWork’s strength in building communities and providing collaborative working environments for early to later stage startups across Europe to thrive. Crowdcube’s relationship with WeWork will now help members learn more about crowdfunding, growth strategies, and how they can leverage clients and online communities to raise their profile and grow.


Through this partnership, Crowdcube’s experts can provide WeWork’s members with support and crowdfunding expertise that will help them to tackle the challenges those companies want to solve in terms of growth and scaling via drawing upon a myriad ofCrowcube’s members that are connected to Crowdcube’s marketplace. The range of crowdfunding education offerings Crowdcube can serve up to the members that are hungry for growth knowledge and support will cover a range of workshops, Venture Labs and other engagements programmes for promising startups and scale ups.

Ben Samuels, Head of Corporate Sales EMEA at, WeWork that:

“We’re thrilled to have Crowdcube as our newest member. Crowdcube will be an active end engaging part of our community. There are many synergies between our two businesses: we are both disruptive companies and leaders in our space, working with highly ambitious companies and creators.

Crowdcube has already worked with a number of WeWork members, raising a total of around £15 million. The largest so far is “King of Gym’s” 1Rebel which has raised a total of £4.5 million on Crowdcube.

Another positive development in Crowdcube’s relationship with WeWork is the Pan-European possibilities, thanks to WeWork’s strong presence in all the major startup ecosystems. Crowdcube’s Head of Partnerships, Jonathan Keeling, affirms that being a member of European offices such as Paris and Amsterdam, in which the Crowdcube team recently ran events, is a great opportunity for building out a more consolidated startup support programme that extends beyond just the UK. To kickstart the first of many workshops and activities that will help French and Dutch companies grow Crowdcube’s CEO, CCO and Head of Investment spent time with founders in WeWork La Fayette and WeWork Metropool.

The Crowdcube team came away deeply encouraged by the range and traction of WeWork members who are looking to raise their profile and grow. Not only are the companies in those regions showing real potential as high-growth startups, but the stimulating dynamic amongst the member community and variety of physical spaces in the various WeWork locations reinforced the value WeWork is adding to the European startup community.

Exclusive Partnership Perks:

  • Members of the funded club will get special rates and will be supported by the Enterprise sales team
  • WeWork members get access to Crowdcube via scheduled events and regular office hours

If you are a Crowdcube member or Alumni and would like to hear more, please register your interest here.

Risk warning

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