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Revolut, a Crowdcube success story

By Crowdcube. 21st Oct 2019

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Revolut, one of our Funded Club alumni, has hired investment bank JP Morgan to help bolster their plans for global expansion. Since raising over £1m with us in 2016, the team have supersized their company’s growth and now boast over 7m customers. If their plans to sell new shares and secure a convertible loan go ahead, Revolut will be set to become one of the most valuable fintechs in Europe.

In order to power their expansion across the globe, Revolut founders Nikolay and Vlad have teamed up with JP Morgan to organise both a $500m (£395m) equity-raise and a $1bn (£790m) convertible loan. If their plans come to fruition, their valuation could be set to rise to between $5bn (£3.9bn) and $10bn (£7.9bn).

The team have also welcomed a senior executive from Metro Bank as its new finance chief, and Michael Sherwood (former boss of Goldman Sachs in Europe‎) as a non-executive director. The good news just keeps on coming for the fintech, who has recently revealed a global deal with Visa, taking Revolut into 24 new countries including the US, Canada and Japan.

Today, 12,000 Revolut accounts are opened every day, but where did it all begin? Launched by ex-finance professionals Nikolay and Vlad in 2015, Revolut’s goal was to help people manage and move around money in multi-currencies more easily. The founders had pinpointed common frustrations around exchange rate markups and foreign transaction fees that made managing a bank account abroad a real hassle.

Ten months and 200,000 customers later, the team launched their crowdfunding campaign with us. Their pitch proved to be very popular, closing with a total of £1.01m thanks to 433 investors. Balderton Capital and Index Ventures were amongst these investors, helping to bring Revolut’s valuation to £42m. The following year, DST Global invested a whopping $250m into the company, setting a new valuation of £1.2b and crowning Revolut the second of our three unicorns (alongside Brewdog and Monzo). This also meant that our original Crowdcube investors of Revolut realised returns of 19x.

We’re so proud that we’ve been able to help Revolut open up investment to their community and early adopters of the app and give them the chance to join something so wonderful. As co-founders Nikolay and Vlad explain, “We’re here for those who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forwards. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do."

We can’t wait to see where this new capital will take them. If you’re interested in fueling the growth of your business, get in touch with us, here.

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