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Crowdcube taps into leading hardware tech hub

By Partners. 26th Jun 2017


Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is London's leading hardware tech hub that accelerates startups that are disrupting the hardware space. The network has built a powerful community of hardware entrepreneurs, evangelists, mentors, technologists and designers that operate from the campus lab environment. These are people that are out there to disrupt hardware and bring new innovations to the market. CRL is currently taking applications for its next accelerator, so future hardware superstars would be well advised to apply here now before the batch fills up!

CRL partners with crowdcube template

Crowdcube is buzzing about the new partnership with CRL which will create an exciting platform for startups and entrepreneurs within the CRL family to access a wealth of knowledge, coaching and venture opportunities to take their hardware innovations to the next level. CRL is the leader in hardware incubation and the central hub for hardware startups to converge in London. The CRL team is committed to helping the startups with key product development strategy, execution and all the support that’s needed around how to go from prototype to manufacturing success. There is no doubt that ‘hardware is hard’, and Crowdcube’s partnership with CRL aims to get stuck into some of the things that hardware founders find the most challenging about scaling their startup.

CRL partners with crowdcube

Mat Hunter, Managing Director of CRL and thought leader in the hardware space, is excited about the potential the partnership has to offer, commenting:

"There is no doubt that 'hardware is hard', and Crowdcube's partnership with CRL aims to get stuck into one of the key areas that founders find the most challenging about scaling their hardware startup - securing growth capital...”

Through this relationship, Crowdcube’s Equity Coaches will plug into CRL’s Learning programme, with hands-on workshops, Venture Labs, Pitch events and Founder Talks. This new partnership is a perfect execution of Crowdcube’s vision of helping early-stage teams get the tools they need to execute awesome venture strategies, raising anything from £50k to £5m. Startups inside CRL will benefit from hands-on learning sessions that shine a light on ways to strategically tap into the largest equity investor base in the Europe, alongside powerful VC networks and angel investors. By leveraging the curated Crowdcube plug-ins to CRL’s accelerator, hardware startups will be able to better navigate the challenges of raising investment and supercharge company growth in the right direction.

Exclusive Partnership Perks:

  • Exclusive funding rate when CRL startups raise funds on Crowdcube

  • Bespoke Mentoring/Venture Labs and content for CRL’s cohort of companies

  • Events and Founder Talks with more exciting announcements to come!

If you are a CRL member or alumni and would like to hear more, please register your interest here.

Risk warning

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