Crowdcube: the leading investor in cleantech

  • Thursday 7th June 2018
  • by Crowdcube

Beauhurst has recently released data on the clean technology industry from 2011-2018, which shows that Crowdcube is responsible for the most cleantech investments in Britain’s startups and scaleups. 

Since inception, we’ve helped raise £27m for 28 cleantech startups and growth-stage businesses. The average raise size is £964k, but businesses have raised anything from £100k to £3.7m.

This sector is increasing in popularity each year, with more businesses flocking to Crowdcube to raise funds and growing investor appetite for cleantech investment opportunities. This year, Recycling Technologies raised £3.7m from 1,500 investors, alongside Labrador and Lightly Technologies, which collectively raised over £5m in the last six months alone.

With the spotlight on sustainability and the growing fight against plastic, we're not surprised by the growing interest in cleantech businesses. Many of these innovative businesses are creating products or services to make a better world and battle epidemics, such as the eight tonnes of plastic waste that pollute our oceans every year. Not only do these businesses present interesting investment opportunities, they are tackling issues people are passionate about and want to support.

Check out Beauhurst's full article on this topic, here.