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Po-Zu: where aesthetics meets ethics

Thanks to 119 soleful investors we have closed our first Crowdcube round in December 2015 at £200k, overfunding at 133% of our initial £150k target.

We have signed a licensing deal with a major film franchise just a few months after the that raise, and due to this once in a life time opportunity we have scaled up our capabilities and resources faster than initially planned to ensure we can comfortably handle the scaling of our business.

We moved offices, opened a showroom, and grew our core team from 2 to 6 full time members of staff. This includes the joining of Safia Minney, MBE, as Managing Director in January this year. Founder and Global CEO of People Tree for 20 years, Safia is recognised as an expert in the development of Fair Trade & ethical supply chains. Having brokered such an iconic multinational dual-branded collaboration with a household name, we began major product development for this unique range whilst expanding production capabilities from 1 to 4 factories in Portugal.

We grew our marketing team and began to travel to consumer and trade shows, attending consumer and trade shows in Orlando, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London and Birmingham - with incredible feedback from fashion buyers and the geek/cosplayer community alongside press and media and key influencers and actors including Daisy Ridley.

Thanks to adding new sales channels, our YOY sales growth was over 100% last year (compared with 2015), and this year it’s well over 200% (compared with 2016). In order to maximise the licensing opportunity and grow our main collection, our recent breakthrough in developing a new supply chain in Sri Lanka with regionally sourced organic cotton, fair trade rubber and coconut husk. We are currently at the final stages of sampling and the collection looks incredibly strong with a launch scheduled for April 2018. This will combine good design with very competitive price points which are about half our current price tag!

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Sven Segal | founder of Po-Zu

Guest author: Sven Segal | founder of Po-Zu

Award-winning founder and designer Sven Segal has 10 yrs designing shoes for global brands, which galvanised him to launch Po-Zu in 2006 to prove that aesthetics can meet ethics. Innovator of the highly-comfortable coconut fibre Foot-Mattress™ and many eco-inventions.