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Start up businesses and entrepreneurial spirits come to Crowdfunder to raise the funds that they need to get their businesses going. Our rewards based crowdfunding platform allows projects to offer rewards to their supporters in return for a donation - this can range from something as small as a tote bag all the way through to immersive experiences and memberships. Importantly, more than the funds required to get off the ground, rewards based crowdfunding provides a steady client base and idea validation from the crowd.

After becoming fully equipped with all of the essential knowledge needed following the success of a rewards-based crowdfund, businesses will be ready and confident enough to take their idea to investment level. This natural progression will lead you to Crowdcube, an equity based crowdfunding platform, which offers the opportunity for project owners to sell shares in their business.

When these two types of crowdfunding campaigns are strategically stitched together, they can offer an emerging business everything that it needs to get off the ground.

Phil Geraghty, our MD of Crowdfunder said…

Combining reward and equity based crowdfunding models provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to validate their ideas and build a team of advocates. With a successful rewards-based crowdfund in their back pocket, entrepreneurs can take a more compelling argument forward to investors who are interested in an equity stake. Business owners will also benefit from being able to retain more equity for themselves by raising as much as possible in the reward round.

Welcome to a new business model that is both innovative and sustainable.

Let us show you how it works.

The Business: UBREW

Ever had the desire to brew your own beer and enjoy the fruits of your labour in a community of like-minded beer lovers? Well UBREW thought so too and set out to provide just that. After the founders, Matt and Wilf, recognised a niche market that hadn’t been tapped into yet, they set about making their collaborative and community-centred brewery into reality. 

Stage 1 - Rewards-based crowdfunding

UBREW on Crowdfunder

Raised £12,050 | from 80 supporters | in just 42 days

Through rewards-based crowdfunding, UBREW hoped to raise enough capital to pay for their lease, buy fermenting vessels, amongst all sorts of brewing kit, and market their business.

During their 42-day hop-fuelled Crowdfunder project, UBREW tempted supporters with a variety of beer-related rewards, including bottle openers through to beer subscriptions, in return for donations ranging from £25-£260. All backers received branded items and reduced price membership in advance of the business going live - a nice touch to make supporters feel valued.

During this crowdfund, UBREW gathered together 80 supporters - all of whom circulated news and progress on their innovative business amongst their own networks, meaning that Matt and Wilf had the validation from the crowd that they needed to know their business idea was a trusted one. Through crowdfunding, they had gained a real customer base - a base of customers who already put money behind the business.

Stage 2 - equity-based crowdfunding

UBREW on Crowdcube

Raised £110,730 | from 125 investors | in just 56 days

With a thirsty and passionate crowd ready to get involved following the success of their Crowdfunder.co.uk project, UBREW saw further success on their crowdfunding journey by continuing onto their equity crowdfund with Crowdcube.

The initial rewards-based crowdfunding campaign illustrated support for the business. However,  the money raised wasn’t enough to build strong foundations for the growth that the duo anticipated, so the next step was to look for investors.

Over 56 days, UBREW gave away a 10% share in their business - the strong support that they’d gathered in their rewards-based crowdfund made it possible to keep this percentage relatively small.

Wilf, co-founder of UBREW, said...

Launching a business based on our passion for craft beer and homebrewing was a huge risk, and we never imagined we’d be able to test the market before finding enough money to make the business real.

You can join over 1,000 investors and become a shareholder in Crowdfunder.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards.


Guest author: Crowdfunder

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