DesignSpark working together with Crowdcube

DesignSpark and RS Components are proud to be working with Crowdcube to bring our market leading service to our engineering community of nearly 600,000 members. We are also excited about making all the great stuff that DesignSpark brings available to Crowdcube’s current and future entrepreneurs.

So, what is DesignSpark and what can it do for you?

Put simply, DesignSpark exists to make the engineers life easier. Providing compelling content, information and reference points, professional level FREE CAD software and solutions that help EVERY engineer design faster with zero cost to their business or studies.

DesignSpark brings you…

  • FREE- Professional standard PCB, 3D Design, Electrical and (coming soon) Machine Safety Compliance software

  • KEY RESOURCES – The Resource centre showcases our partners that provide services such as 3D printing, PCB Manufacture and of course discounted Crowdfunding services through Crowdcube.

  • TECHNICAL LIBRARIES – Our product data library makes c.5 million technical documents available relating to over 900k parts from across the RS Components range and beyond. Including, data sheets, application notes, white papers, 3D models and our excellent PCB Parts Library schematic models that are compatible with 90% of globally used CAD packages. Models can also be created on demand

  • OBSOLESCENCE MANAGER – Obsolescence is one of the biggest pain points in modern design. Obsolescence Manager allows you to save your bill of materials or parts list and keep track of its life-cycle status, providing you with advanced warning of obsolescence and an opportunity to redesign or “last time buy” your components. RS will also offer follow on product information.

  • BLOGS and ARTICLES – Inspire and be inspired! Create or Browse articles on the very latest technologies, products, innovations and events with the opportunity to engage with the writer or share experiences and findings

 So, whether you are an engineer just embarking on your career, or you are looking to take your concept to market, let DesignSpark help to accelerate your design-cycle and register now.

We look forward to welcoming you to DesignSpark soon!


Guest author: DesignSpark

RS Components have set up a community called DesignSpark, which provides its members with the opportunity to share their ideas and to seek advice and support from other engineers and community members. Since its launch in 2010, the DesignSpark initiative has also delivered a growing portfolio of free tools that are easy to use and enable design engineers to reach their goals quickly and without financial impact.