Insight into the crowd

  • Friday 21st July 2017
  • by Crowdcube

Our investor community now stands at over 410,00 members,with 115,000 joining us in the past 12 months, so we thought we’d share some more in-depth insight into who exactly are the crowd.

It was a record breaking quarter for member visits which was up 48% on the same period from last year. However, it doesn't end there, Q2 was also our second highest quarter for website visitors, only trumped by the last quarter of 2016 where BrewDog’s £10 million raise generated unprecedented levels of interest!

In May, we spoke with Anne Ravanona, founder and CEO of Global Invest Her who informed us about the lack of female investors. As we strive to bridge the gender disparity amongst our members, we’re pleased to say that 29% of new investors from Q2 were female. This is 4% higher than the average from 2016 and has contributed to females making up 21% of all investments over the quarter.

We’ve discovered that the most prolific age range for our investors is the 30-39 age group however, this group are generally topped by our 40-somethings when it comes to amount invested. The 40+ group of investors have invested £5 million more.

When we set out to democratise investment we weren't joking - half of all investment for Q2 came from our everyday investors, who can start investing from as little as just £10. The remaining 50% was made up of a combination of our sophisticated and high net worth investors.