100,000 female investors - and it's not enough

  • Friday 5th May 2017
  • by Crowdcube

Recent Beauhurst data in The Entrepreneurs Network report showed that “there is an evident gender bias against female entrepreneurs receiving funding, despite the fact that female-led businesses are less likely to fail”. In fact, data shows that in 2016, £3.58bn went into growth companies without a single female founder. That’s 91% of all publicly announced investment deals. Compare that to the dismal £358.4m (9%) invested in companies with just one female founder and perhaps, like me, you want to bash your head against the wall.

I spoke with Anne Ravanona, founder and CEO of Global Invest Her, a couple of weeks ago, after watching her Ted Talk on investment into female founders. Anne informed me that only 7% of partners at the top 100 venture firms are women. Andreessen and Horowitz only has one. A bleak 14% of angel investors are women, yet women are fast approaching control of 50% of wealth in the UK - in America, women have overtaken and sit at 51%.

At Crowdcube, female entrepreneurs have a historic funding rate of 75% compared to the 55% achieved by their male counterparts. Actually, in the last quarter alone, female founders have successfully raised nearly £6 million for their businesses. 27% of investors at Crowdcube are female - that’s more than 100,000. But it’s not enough. We want more.

So, this May, in partnership with Global Invest Her, we are running a four part webinar series to elevate and educate female founders from across the globe. It is one of many of our partnerships aimed exclusively to our female audience.

Supporting (female) founders or you’re a (female) investor?  I want to hear from you.  

Come join the revolution.