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Zucla creates fresh and healthy tailored lunches cooked right in front of you from its Fleet St theatre kitchen. Having served over 40,000 lunches since opening Jan 2016, the company has a 14% monthly revenue growth and is raising funds to launch more sites.

  • Customers can choose bespoke stir fry, curry or salad lunches
  • Targeting corporate deals with local offices for repeat custom
  • Average over 4.5/5 star rating from reviews
  • Three year outlook to open a total of eight sites
Information Zucla raised £150,390 from 34 investors whilst in a private mode. The Zucla team are holding a crowdfunding event on Thursday 27th October - you can register your interest to attend here:


The modern professional sacrifices nutritional food for convenience. They work hard, play hard, but often eat unhealthily due to time pressures. For many, lunch is often a microwave meal or a sandwich, eaten at a desk.

Zucla is questioning the lunch status quo - Zucla serves ‘real food’ to people who care about what they eat! Fresh, healthy food cooked right in front of you in our theatre kitchen. Each of our dishes can be tailored and served in minutes.

Fleet St London, our first site, is where we offer a large variety from three distinct zones - Wok/Stir-fry, Curry and Salads. Customers have 1000’s of permutations to bespoke their lunch to their likes and needs.

Zucla also recognises social responsibility; we minimise waste and, where possible we use locally sourced, 'imperfect' or organic ingredients.

To date Zucla has achieved:

- Development of a robust, resilient and scalable model

- Positive customer feedback including repeat business and referrals

- Served over 40,000 lunches since launch

- Corporate deal in place with a local office and we are hoping to grow this area

- Over 4.5 stars (out of 5) rating from reviews

- Zucla is aiming to create a new segment – Fast Casual Lunch

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