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£4,040,600 is the first 100% gamer ecosystem, developed in Spain, that is revolutionizing the sector. We believe ZIIM brings a new approach for advertisers to reach the gamer generation: a market with a 26% annual growth worth $137,9B in 2018. ZIIM brings Gamers, Streamers, E-Sports teams and Brands together in one unique platform.

  • Aims to develop a Blockchain development for governance and voting tokens
  • Branded gamification as a solution for intrusive advertising
  • Partnership with M&C SAATCHI for the communication campaign.
  • Microsoft´s GSIC Partner since March 2019

Idea provides a merged social system with everything gamers need and care about without the need for switching platforms. This way we reunite gamers currently scattered across different social webs. In the same ecosystem they can:

-Chat with friends and share gaming related content.

-Play online games and accepting challenges to earn ZIIMcoins.

-Use this ZIIMcoins for:

o Donating to their favourite streamers or between them.

o Exchange them for rewards.

ZIIM’s expected development is composed of 3 phases:

Phase 1 is included the development of the platform and acquisition of a basic user base of 6K users. This Phase is already completed, and we are pushing to begin Phase 2.

Phase 2 is aimed at achieving a wider user base of 100K users, given that big part of ZIIM’s appeal to gamers depends on User interaction. This founding campaign is aimed for this target.

Phase 3 will begin once phase 2 is completed. Its focus will be to develop the blockchain system for things such as authentication or to help e-sports teams become established.

Phases 2 and 3 are expected to be completed in one year.

One of our founders, Laura, introduced ZIIM during Santander JumpStart hosted in Babson College, a start-up program that selects the 30 best start-up projects. There, it received very positive feedback. ZIIM has also recently closed a partnership with Microsoft’s Global Innovation Sports Centre (GSIC).

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