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York Cocoa Works
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York Cocoa House are bringing fine chocolate manufacturing back to York, a city once famous for its chocolate industry. They’ve designed the plan, the premises, the equipment and cocoa supply chain to bring farmers and consumers closer together to create innovative, fine, and fairer chocolate.

  • Since 2011 we’ve taught 100,000 visitors how to work with chocolate.
  • Award winning business and team with expert industry credentials
  • Created York Chocolate Festival, host UK International Chocolate Award
  • Featured on Saturday Kitchen, The Sweet Makers & national press


YCH is a destination for chocolate lovers. Each year we welcome thousands of visitors to our chocolate café, where they see chocolates being crafted and learn how it is created. Our online Chocolate Emporium sends products worldwide, while our growing customer base makes increased demand for chocolate made in York.

Over 6 years trading we’ve observed growth in conscientious, discerning consumers demanding ethical & sustainable chocolate. We have struggled to service this growth as commercial fine chocolate is often imported into the UK.

The UK market is worth £4.2 billion, with 8.6% anticipated growth. Fine, sustainable and premium chocolate products are key trends driving the chocolate and cocoa industry. Meanwhile, the UK hospitality sector anticipates up to 14.1% growth. York welcomes 6.9 million visitors each year, by celebrating York’s authentic chocolate history, there are plenty of growth opportunities for a well placed brand.

We want to bring fine quality chocolate manufacturing back to York to capitalize. York Cocoa Works will be a Chocolate Production, Education and Development Centre in York. We will source sustainable and traceable fine cocoa which visitors will be able to see as it’s transformed. The city’s chocolate makers will train a new generation and UK chocolate companies will have access to their own manufacturing development and production centre.

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York Cocoa Works

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