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Worldwide FM
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Worldwide FM has become a definitive international radio destination for underground music, culture and stories from around the globe. Rooted in traditional station values but with the expertise of a forward-facing tech company, we broadcast to hundreds of thousands of global listeners each month.

  • The Internet Radio Market is forecasted to grow by $4 Billion by 2023.
  • Revenue streams include events, branded partnerships & merchandise.
  • World class, credible presenters with a combined reach of millions.
  • Senior team with top level experience in music, radio and tech.


The concept behind Worldwide FM is simple yet we see it as difficult to replicate: an international radio station, broadcasting authentic, cutting-edge music from an array of different locations & trusted curators all over the world.

Our experience shows a strong audience appetite for a borderless, curated experience beyond algorithms. A lifetime of building the most credible, high profile connections in underground music has led us to this point.

Gilles Peterson founded Worldwide FM in Sept '16, based on this belief of a shared global experience & many years of experience as one of the world’s best-known radio broadcasters. We launched with an incredible lineup of DJs and personalities from around the world & with top quality video & audio broadcasts; wherever we go, the underground community uniquely trusts Gilles & the Worldwide name to treat their culture with respect.

Of the 365,000 listeners who tuned in live or on demand across January 2019, 34% are based in the UK, with 11% in Japan, 11% in the USA, 7% in France and 7% Germany. Our social insights indicate that a WWFM fan is likely to be an early adopter and move in influential circles. The average listening session is upward of 40 minutesWe feel excellent by any radio standard.

Having grown through early investment from WeTransfer, further investment will allow the station to build listenership and grow revenue streams.

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Worldwide FM

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