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Successfully funded
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WorkClub transforms under-utilised real estate into productive co-working spaces and provides an affordable membership for remote workers across London. The company has minimal overhead costs and seeks to market and scale to reach other parts of the UK.

  • 500+ members | 800+ guests | 25 WorkClub’s in London
  • Contracts agreed with established UK hospitality and retail businesses
  • Low overheads | Multiple revenue streams | Scalable business model
  • Scaled monthly subscription model aimed at individuals and businesses


Across the UK, hundreds of commercial venues sit empty throughout large chunks of the day. Meanwhile, we believe thousands of remote workers need a comfortable and professional place to work and meet. WorkClub transforms these under-utilised venues into thriving co-working spaces, boosting profits for venue managers, and providing amazing workspaces for remote workers.

12-month achievements:

· 80+ paying monthly members since March 2019

· Secured multiple venues across the UK with Young's, Hippo Inns, Thistle Hotels, Point Hotels and more

· Listed as a ‘Top 10 startup to watch’ by TechRound

· 4.8* rating on TrustPilot

· Secured 30 businesses to offer discounted WorkClub memberships to members (including ZipCar, PureGym, Bloom & Wild and General Assembly)

· Launched V1 and V2 of the WorkClub digital platform

With zero marginal costs and minimal overheads, we are now ready to scale to meet UK demand.

There were over 4.2m remote workers across the UK in 2015, and 50% of the UK workforce is expected to work remotely by the end of 2020. Plus, 87% of people want to work flexibly, but only 11% of businesses are able to support this demand.

We’re fundraising to expand our offering into other key UK cities, and further develop WorkClub’s technology.

Our goal is to create the world’s largest workspace outside of the workplace.

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