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WIT Fitness
Pre-money valuation

Founded in 2015, sports retailer WIT Fitness has already expanded to multiple sites. Over the next six months, WIT will open a unique retail gym facility in London, and aims to expand its online operations into North America following online growth of 414%.

  • Forecasted Revenue in 2017 of £2.5m
  • Ship to 35+ countries
  • 330% Growth Year 1-2 (414% online)
  • Collaborating with leading brands Nike and Adidas


Our aim is to become a leading global sports retailer, to dominate the fitness and training sector of market.

With more than 52 million gym members, training is the largest sport activity in Europe. However, with a penetration rate of around 15% of total population, the market has not reached its full potential.

We believe we are about to experience growth in a single sporting category that we have not seen for a decade.

- 330% Growth Year 1-2 (414% online).

- 2017 80% YOY growth of visitors as of today.

- Social Media Following of 100,000

- Shipped to 35 Countries

- 3.84% click through.

- 235,000 online visitors year 1, 0.9m Year 2

- Soon to be 3 stores in London, including a combined retail-gym facility.

- Franchise in Asia and recently incorporated in the US.

- There is a separate entity in Dubai that has common shareholders and director but is not legally connected to Wit-Fitness UK, however, the entity is using the same branding and name.

As a specialist in the training category, we are supported by our in store brands, including Nike and Adidas, this support includes:

- Financial contribution to store fit outs.

- Digital support

- Exclusive products

- Discounted terms

- Sale or Return agreements

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WIT Fitness

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