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FCA-authorised, WiseAlpha aims to be a world's first lending market, offering everyday investors access to senior secured and high yield investments in companies like Virgin, AA and Pizza Express. Since its raise on Crowdcube in 2016, the company has placed over 25 investments, yielding up to 15%.

  • The company anticipates £750k revenue in the next 12 months
  • Over 1,340 registered investors and growing
  • High profile press includes CityAM, Moneyweek and Bloomberg
  • Funds will be used for product development and to expand into Europe
Information WiseAlpha has raised £150,000 from one key investor prior to launching on Crowdcube. Some of these funds may be spent whilst the pitch is live.


WiseAlpha aims to be a world-first online lending market (

Everyday investors can access individual senior secured and high-yield investments in the multi-trillion pound institutional bond and loan market without needing £100k-£1m per single investment. We strive to aid the liberalisation and digitisation of the corporate debt markets which, we believe, is one of the next big Fintech growth areas.

These are different to 'retail corporate bonds' issued via the London Orb which, in our view, are less attractive with lower interest yields and longer maturities.

Achievements so far:

- Out of beta in July 2016 following our first Crowdcube raise of £579,150

- High profile press, including City AM, Moneyweek, Daily Mail Online, Bloomberg

- New branding and digital marketing set-up

- Over 25 different investments made with market leaders e.g. Virgin Media, AA, Pizza Express, yielding 5-15%

- Directly FCA authorised and regulated in Sept 2016

- Raised £400k in Feb 2017 for our wiseAlpha Investment Bond (separate SPV) to accelerate bond purchases and provide a diversified 8% managed product

- Launched high-yield bonds, in addition to senior secured

- Over 1,377 registered members and growing

We are now ready to liberalise more markets and further automate, with plans to create ISAs, expand into Europe, and boost digital marketing for user growth.

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