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Wave is an app that allows its 11 million users to locate their contacts in real time on a private map. The company has surpassed its KPI targets over the last 18 months and it’s continuing to dominate the live location market. After a successful raise in 2016, Wave is now opening a new chance to invest alongside experienced local angels and 2 international VC's.

  • More than 11 million users in over 150 countries
  • Backed by over 550 investors, experienced Angels and VCs
  • From being a pre-revenue company to start monetising
  • Retention rate of more than 80% in month 6 for active users
Information This is a Spanish incorporated company. Non-Spanish investors investing £50,000+ directly (not via nominee) will need a Foreigners' Identity Number.


Wave is an app that enables anyone to share their live location with their friends and family on a private map. There are dozens of daily situations in which Wave is a helpful and effective tool. Families, security, festivals, ski trips, tourism, sports, or simply when 2 or more people want to meet.

With a top-notch technology and a complete set of features, Wave makes the process of locating each other easy, fast, safe and fun.

Wave is aiming to take over a still orphan market, with few other solutions. Recently Zenly, with 1/4 of the metrics of Wave, was sold for $250 to $350m. Wave is aiming for so much more.

Wave raised a round with Crowdcube in 2016, from almost 600 investors, and since then:

a) Wave has grown from 3.5m to 11m users

b) The retention rate has grown from 20% to more than 80%. This is our proudest KPI.

c) From investing in user acquisition to have all of the growth totally organic, with zero investment in communication.

d) From being a pre-revenue company to start monetising, experiencing an increase in revenue from €4,500 to €40,700 in 2017 (800% growth).

e) From 10 people to 22 team members, having attracted some of the best tech talent worldwide.

f) Re-shaping our complete backend to deliver the best technology up to date.

We're opening the opportunity to co-invest with local Angels and VC's at the same conditions.

There are government loans in the business.

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