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Wave is an app that allows its 4 million users to locate their contacts in real time on a private map. Potential uses include meeting friends, music festivals, travellers in a new city, family location or outdoor sports. User numbers are growing at 200,000 per week & data sales are driving revenue.

  • A Spanish company based in Madrid with users in over 100 countries
  • Aims to surpass the 50 million-user-barrier by the end of 2017
  • 80% of daily use comes from recurrent users
  • Investment will be used to implement additional monetisation streams
Information Owing to ongoing discussions with investors, Wave's pitch has been extended until the 21st of September.


Wave is an app with almost 4 million users worldwide which allows anyone to see in real-time the exact location of their contacts in a PRIVATE map for a limited period of time. We make it easy and fun for friends and family to meet in real time. We are changing the way people find each other, by offering a fast, simple and safe location service.

We see countless situations where Wave is a useful tool - a group of friends meeting to grab a beer, a father and his daughter who is going out at night, a skiing trip, a music festival, a business meeting, a group of students traveling to an unknown city – basically anytime when 2 or more people need to meet.

Our focus on user acquisition has lead us to a current growth rate of over 200,000 users a week, and 80% of our daily use comes from recurrent users who are returning to the app. We’ve acquired users and they’re sticking with us.

Our CAC (cost of acquisition) has reduced from €1.13 to €0.12, and we have active users in more than 100 countries all over the world - Wave is targeting a massive market of more than 2 billion smartphones.

We estimate our organic growth rate to be 2-3x (each new user will in turn successfully invite 2-3 more new users onto the Wave platform). This activity is translating into natural organic growth in top-tier countries (such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia and China), with zero investment.

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