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Vita Citric Spirit
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Vita is the world’s first vodka specifically designed to be mixed with water. This low-calorie option eliminates the need for sugar, gluten or additives in soft-drink mixers. Based on natural citruses from the Mediterranean, this triple distilled vodka has made its way into 5 countries through major distributors.

  • Signed with distributor Drinks21 for UK, Italy and France
  • Exclusive deal in Mexico with leading spirits retailer La Europea
  • Top selling flavoured vodka on Amazon Spain
  • Spanish incorporated company based in Madrid
Information This is a Spanish incorporated company. Non-Spanish investors investing £10,000+ directly (not via nominee) will need a Foreigners' Identity Number.


Vita is targeted at health and lifestyle-conscious drinkers – particularly millennials – keen to enjoy alcohol without the sugar, gluten and additives prevalent in soft-drink mixers.

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the negative health impacts of sugar, and consumers are actively seeking healthier alternatives. Millennials are leading ‘anti-sugar’ trend, prompting the likes of Red Bull, Coca Cola and PepsiCo to target young consumers with new healthier products.

However, despite the fact that 24% of UK drinkers consider calorie intake when choosing their beverage (Mintel 2015), this trend has yet to be embraced by the alcoholic beverages market.

Seeing this gap in the market, Vita’s young team – millennials themselves – became inspired to create a solution: a vodka based on natural citruses from the Mediterranean that would taste delicious when mixed with water. There is a great opportunity in the global vodka market, capturing 1% market share would bring approx over $400m.

Following strong feedback from the Spanish and Mexican markets (2017 Q4 retail sales value over £40k), Vita has just launched in the UK, where vodka consumption is 15 times higher than in Spain. InterBev will distribute Vita in the UK and drinks21 in Italy and France.

Vita will focus on the UK market, expanding its distribution, investing in trade fairs and marketing, and developing new flavours.

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Vita Citric Spirit

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