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Pre-money valuation

Veluba® is the app-hailed eco-cab service for Central London, aiming to be a cheaper, faster, zero-emission transport solution for our over-polluted & over-congested capital city. 8 out of 10 people in London want less pollution and with 30 cabs ready to go, Veluba® offer a future-focused solution.

  • A zero-emission transport solution for London
  • 30 Veluba cabs ready to go with fully launched app
  • Rides in all weathers, digital ad space and installed safety features
  • Part of the $7 trillion global mobility market


London. It’s over-polluted...

With around half of London’s air pollution caused by road transport, the Mayor of London and UK government are taking bold action. And Londoners agree, with 8 out of 10 saying that combating air pollution must be a priority.

And over-congested...

London is the 6th most congested city globally with drivers wasting 227 hours a year in traffic, travelling 6mph on average.

Veluba® are app-hailed, pedal-powered, electrically assisted passenger vehicles. They’re zero-emission and sustainable and can go wherever a bike can, making journeys cleaner and quicker.

The vehicles are designed and driven with safety at the forefront and the drivers are fully insured. Each Veluba® is fitted with digital signage screens, providing prominent ad space and the opportunity for an additional revenue stream.

We already have 30 Veluba® cabs ready to go from our Central London depot and the Veluba® app is launched and ready to take bookings. We are in communication with Lambeth Council and have had coverage in London’s Evening Standard.

This raise will enable us to employ drivers to launch the service. We aim to expand beyond our first depot to reach more of London and become a key part of the city’s growing eco-transport infrastructure.

Make your #cleanairpledge today and join us on the Veluba® highway!

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