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Utopian Brewing
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Utopian is aiming to build a sustainably powered brewery to create a range of craft lagers. The UK lager market is estimated to have been worth £19.5bn in 2017. The planned range will be brewed using only British grown ingredients and the planned 10,000sq ft site will include a visitor centre and cafe.

  • Lager represented 74.9% of UK beer sales in 2017
  • YouGov poll : 69% say they prefer to buy from independent brewers
  • Team with combined food and Beverage, Advisory and PLC experience.
  • The company aims to operate with sustainability as a priority


We believe lager drinkers have been largely bypassed by the craft brewing 'revolution'. We can see no reason that they don’t crave the more interesting, quality products from independent producers just like the IPA drinkers and we intend to help redress the balance by creating a range of interesting but accessible craft lagers.

We have spent months in research & planning. This funding will enable us to build out our 3500L brew house with sufficient vessels to produce over 8,000 Hectolitres p.a. We will aim to install sufficient infrastructure and have space to add vessels later to increase production to over 15,000 HL.p.a.

All of our ingredients will be sourced from UK producers. There are more than 30 British hop varieties and a vast array of malts and cereals ensuring we can make a varied range of distinctive products.

To assist our sustainability ambitions our proposed site benefits from a natural water source and access to cattle waste, a suitable feed source for anaerobic digestion, which will contribute to power generation along with potential solar panels.

We aim to sell draught product to pubs and bars locally and through national distribution. We have provisionally agreed to supply for 15 sites and we believe our industry contacts will give us a head start in rapidly adding new outlets. We plan for a packaged product to be added asap for both online and retail sales.

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Utopian Brewing

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