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Successfully funded
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USPAAH is Your Spa At Home, on-demand beauty via a mobile app. Having raised £260k investment in 2016, USPAAH has achieved over 840% client and revenue growth 2016-2019, and the business is returning to Crowdcube to seek funding for further expansion in London and beyond.

  • Since investment, accumulated gross sales grew from 42k to £711k in Apr. '19
  • Over £700,000 worth of treatments booked via USPAAH
  • Over 10,000 Massage, Nail and Beauty treatments delivered since 2016
  • Over 20,000 downloads of the USPAAH app to date
Information The company has reduced it's target from £200k to £100k. The original aim was to apply the proceeds of this raise for various development and marketing purposes. The Company has since negotiated an equity for services investment with an international partner, which will reduce the amount of funds required to fulfill the business plan. The target has therefore been dropped by this amount.


Product / Service:

USPAAH is Your Spa At Home. Our team of highly-trained mobile professionals deliver beauty and wellness treatments to clients' homes, hotels and offices in as little as an hour, all booked via an easy mobile app. USPAAH aims to deliver unparalleled quality and convenience to time-strapped clients, while helping therapists to earn more than what they would in a normal high street salon.

Clients don't need to book far in advance, travel to a salon, or have cash on-hand. With USPAAH they can get a treatment in an hour within central London, or book up to 3 weeks in advance. Our therapists love the app as they don't have to search for their own customers, they get to choose their working hours, and they can rest assured that payments are sent regularly, directly to their bank accounts.

Traction and Growth:

USPAAH's founders invested £150,000 of their own capital to launch the app in Jan 2016, and in October 2016, we successfully raised £260,000 on Crowdcube from over 140 investors. Thanks to the diligent strategy deployed by management, we utilised the investment to generate total accumulated revenue growth of 841% and completed jobs growth of 933%. We reached £264k gross sales y/e Mar 2018, resulting in 58k revenue (-£17k P+L).

We have identified a number of further growth opportunities, and are back for a second round of crowdfunding to continue expansion in London.

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