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Unbound aims to be the most innovative publishing force in the world. We combine crowdfunding, data science and an award-winning publishing brand with an online marketplace. By predicting future trends, we are better placed to reach instant, data-driven acquisition decisions.

  • Award-winning publishing brand
  • Planned expansion to the US (almost 20% of existing sales are to US readers)
  • Machine learning helps us make better commissioning decisions & increase profitability 
  • Future potential for monetisation of data machine for cross sector use


Unbound only produces the books readers want, by getting them to pre-order through pledging. Our 200k users from 191 countries have pledged £7m+ to fund 436 books including bestsellers like Letters of Note and The Good Immigrant.

The average price paid for a book in the UK in 2017 was £4.37 (non-fiction) and £3.27 (fiction). The average pledge on Unbound in 2018 across both types was £38 (9 & 12x higher respectively).

With just under 20% of our book sales already going to the US, we’re ready to officially launch there.

In 2017, the value of the US publishing market was $26bn, compared to £5.7bn in the UK, and US bookshop distribution is now in place to help us onboard more US-based authors.

We’ve been collecting transactional data for over 7 years from our 200k users, including the social media platforms those individual pledges came from. This has enabled us to build a machine learning tool that accurately predicts the investment potential based on the author’s Twitter network, which 84% of our authors use as their preferred social platform.

This is particularly effective with online content creators and influencers, who often have huge audiences, but few clear ways to monetise them. For example, a video games influencer raised £300k on Unbound, £100k of which in a single day.

We believe our potential exit routes include traditional publishers and online marketplaces such as Amazon.

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