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Tutora is an online marketplace that intelligently connects tutors to students via its 'best-match' algorithm. Growing by 700% since its initial £150k Crowdcube raise in April last year, Tutora now has over 6,000 tutors and aims to become the largest tuition company in the UK.

  • 700% growth since April last year
  • Almost £1m (over 37,000 lessons) of bookings in 2016
  • Tutora are forecasting £1.3m of revenue in 2017
  • Tutora is attacking the £6bn private tuition industry in the UK


About a quarter of state school students in England and Wales have received tuition and the tuition industry in the UK is estimated to be worth £6bn. Even so, finding a tutor has remained a difficult process.

We believe Tutora solves this. We help parents find and book private tutors. We cover every subject and every age, across the UK. Since launching just over 18 months ago, our 6,000 tutors have taught over £1m worth of lessons.

Tutors can create profiles in minutes, quickly fill their timetables and manage the whole of their business. Paid straight into their bank accounts and protected against cancellations, they can focus entirely on their teaching.

Most importantly, we aim to bring trust and transparency to the industry. We vet every tutor before they join our team, but don't stop there. Because every lesson is booked on our site, our 'best match' algorithm can find the best tutors, pulling them to the top of the search results, whilst removing those who we don't feel offer a truly great service.

Founded by a Private Tutor and a Technology Investor, we raised £150,000 on Crowdcube in April last year. We have achieved 700% growth since then, and our tutors taught over 37,000 lessons, generating almost £1m of bookings in 2016.

We would now love to receive your support once more, so we can help even more families, both within the UK and internationally.

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