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Try EV
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The global Electric Vehicle (EV) market will grow 10-fold by 2030. Technology, efficiency and lower usage costs drive demand. Current access and infrastructure do not serve customer needs. Try EV aim to fix this for consumers & businesses with a model that takes customers from curiosity to purchase.

  • Commercial collaborations with major brands such as Tesla, BMW, Renault
  • Exhibitor at London Motor Show 2019
  • Shortlisted for “Greener Greenwich” at Greenwich Business Awards
  • Elevator Pitch Business Awards finalists at London Motor Show 2018


Try EV aims to transform the car purchasing process, educate on owning an EV and ignite EV interest. Try EV promotes “electrify to buy”. It is a platform to enable customers to learn, compare, customise and experiment with EVs before making a final buying decision.

Try EV is well positioned to take advantage of the global EV uptake, with expected EV sales increasing from a record of 2 million globally in 2018 to potentially 21 million by 2030. The UK government is also making EV development a priority and we believe Try EV has the potential to be a market leader in creating appealing and accessible EV retail channels for both buyers and the OEMs.

To scale the business growth, the brand is raising funds to invest in “pop-up” retail facilities, to attract key talent, to facilitate partnerships with major leasing companies, OEMs and charging networks and to refine marketing and promotion efforts. With the success of Try EV’s stand at the London Motor Show 2018 and 2019, the timing is right to fully launch our business model to a primed audience.

Try EV has an MOU with a key partner Source London and is in discussions with financial service providers and automative OEMs. The revenue model incorporates memberships, sales commission, test drive fees and credit lines. Starting in London initially, additional revenue is expected from activities related to after-sales engagement.

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Try EV

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