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Tropicfeel allows travellers (1.4bn per year) to focus more on travel and less on packing the right gear by designing high quality, versatile & sustainable gear. With +7.1M€ revenue on the last 20 months, selling in 140+ countries, Tropicfeel is poised for accelerated growth.

  • Tropicfeel aims to disrupt the  worldwide travel gear market, estimated at $140B
  • Positive EBITDA €305k with revenue of €3.3M (2018)
  • Customers love Tropicfeel; 150,000+ strong community & 3,000+ reviews over 4*
  • Most funded shoe & Spanish campaign ever on Kickstarter


Since 1990, international travellers have increased from 400M to 1.4B per year. And while outdoor types can find everything from Patagonia and yoga enthusiasts from Lululemon, what brand is encompassing modern travellers needs for a big adventure?

After learning that carrying extra footwear and luggage was one of the most reported travel pain points, Tropicfeel was born to make travel easier and more rewarding. They design and create versatile gear, allowing you to take one piece of kit for any location, being ready to jump into any new adventure. Anytime, anywhere.

With sustainability and innovation at its core, they've sold +150,000 products since launch in July '17, and have 15+ products in the pipeline, all containing +60% of recycled and natural fibres.

Tropicfeel is working to build a legacy brand to inspire and dress millions of travellers. Milestones to date include:

- Achieved €3.8M rev & EBITDA of -€234k in 2019

- Selling in 140+ countries inc. USA (20%), UK (10%), GER (10%)

- Our community grew to 150k members

- A clear product diversification strategy: Aim to create up to 40 product references in 2021

- Defining a travellers exclusive membership platform, educating on responsible travel for loyal customers

They are raising funds to accelerate international growth, develop their travel community membership programme further & become a household name for travel.

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