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Pre-money valuation

Tregiv is a web and app-based platform for the social giving of financial gifts for all celebrations. Launching in 2019, friends and family will be able to gift money in an easy yet warm fashion for a small fee, while also accessing discounts from TreGiv partner companies using their TreGiv cash.

  • Growing trend for cash in lieu of gifts for celebrations
  • £18.5bn charitable online giving market (Blackbaud, 2016)
  • Future strategic partnerships planned; TreGiv cash for savings online
  • Money will be kept safe within the MangoPay payment platform


TreGiv aims to make social financial giving the new norm when giving or requesting money as a gift, helping users to avoid the situation of getting a gift that they appreciate but don’t really need or want.

The platform is designed around tree GUIs; as money is gifted the tree grows, with leaves representing individual gifts but also holding messages and photos from the giver, with an optional link to social media. Users have a full audit trail of gifts - perfect for thank you cards, while all money is kept safe with MangoPay our payment provider.

The charitable giving market in 2016 was £18.5bn with a 7.9% increase from the previous year. We passionately believe this trend will continue. TreGiv plans to have 3 income streams to take advantage of this growing market:

1. Commission on gifts

2. Advertising at market rates

3. Discounts from strategic retail and service partners, where TreGiv will receive a percentage of the savings made.

The development of the TreGiv platform is underway; the animation aspects of the GUI are in testing, the wireframe & app prototype is already completed. A portion of the investment will enable the completion of the front end web platform, app integration & payment interface, the remainder will go towards marketing costs and working capital. We are planning development time to complete to be 3 months.

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