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TOG Knives
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TOG designs & sells handmade kitchen knives forged in the Samurai sword capital of Japan. Its knives are endorsed by 10 Michelin star chefs and appear on cooking shows such as Masterchef. Revenue has grown 60% 17-18 and the company is profitable. TOG is raising to grow its team & product range.

  • Incorporated 2015, £18k profit in 2017/18, 60% revenue growth 17 to 18
  • 67% of sales direct-to-consumer,  reporting strong margins.
  • Knives have 98% 5-star reviews and endorsed by 10 Michelin star chefs
  • Plans to launch 14 SKUs and grow team over three years


We've identified that the global commercial kitchen knife market (set to grow at 5% CAGR '17-21), is dominated by large companies that haven't changed in years, and chefs and home cooks struggle to find a brand that represents THEM. In our experience, they want to support small innovative British companies. They want exciting design and incredible quality and performance. They want artisan, batch produced, hand made products that have a story. They want considered products built to last, not mass-produced disposable ones.

Seki is famous for one thing. Samurai swords. In 2004, TOG founder Bert had the heart-stopping experience of seeing a master Japanese swordsmith at work. Working with craftsmen in Seki, we aimed to create a knife and brand that met these customers' needs.

In 17-18, TOG Knives reported 18k profit (EBITDA £19.5k). We've been featured in the press more than 70 times and was 2nd in The Independent’s “15 best kitchen knife sets” (2018). Top chefs like Sat Bains and Phil Howard are singing our praises.

We aim to be the UK's No. 1 premium knife brand by helping people discover how enjoyable food prep is, if you own the right knife.

We want to launch another 14 knives, storage and sharpening products over 3yrs as well as buy 1 tonne of a new, upgraded steel. Your investment will let us purchase stock and grow our team, shifting staff to full time and hiring new people.

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TOG Knives

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