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Thomson & Scott
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Thomson & Scott created Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco, a portfolio of sparkling wine that offers 100% vegan and organic credentials and cuts unnecessary sugar from production. They are expanding rapidly in major territories including the US, South Africa, New Zealand & South America.

  • US wine sales forecasted to be $45bn in 2021 with Prosecco leading.
  • Skinny Prosecco has been covered in major UK press and media.
  • Most searched-for product on entire Selfridges website upon launch.
  • 360% increase in vegans living in the UK in last 10 years.


We're all obsessed with what's in our food, but what about our drink? Thomson & Scott Founder Amanda Thomson was one of the first to ask "What's in your bottle of wine?" She answers this by producing top quality, vegan and organic sparkling wines that cut unnecessary sugar from production. Wine is currently one of the only sectors of the food and drink industry that doesn't have to tell you what's in it. This is changing, but slowly.

Thomson & Scott is proving that people want to “cut sugar and drink better." What began with Skinny Champagne went on to capture the attention of the press when Skinny Prosecco was launched in 2016. As a memorable brand positioned in what is essentially unbranded territory. The Times called it 'a gift from God', the Metro said 'some genius has created Skinny Prosecco and we are eternally grateful', and the Guardian called it 'the Basic Bitch drink.'

Last year saw 103% growth in wholesale and 53% growth in exports to the US, South Africa, New Zealand and South America.

The company is challenging the drinks industry again in 2019, launching its alcohol-free organic vegan sparkling wine Nought.y. Investment will support marketing and publicity to an engaged, global demographic.

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Thomson & Scott

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